Isotile and Their Founder Captain Defi are Coming to Decentralize Online Metaverse


isotile is coming to innovate with a decentralized online metaverse, where you can create your gallery room and place your NFTs, and even meet new crypto-friends. The whole world is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. And to make things easier, no download is required. It’s everything on the web.Their next step is to each one to have their own LAND. With this idea, people will be able to walk from LAND to LAND in the metaverse, without being interrupted while building their own space. The inventory is updated in real time using websocket technology that communicates with Ethereum nodes. The goal is for everyone to be able to access it even with slow internet and an old computer. Therefore, they’ve optimized the game for the fastest loading.To make a clear image of our current situation, in the existing metaverses, you will need a lot of RAM and graphics card and resources to be able to render the game. The promise that isotile brings is that everyone will be able to access and play the game independently of their resources. Which will help to bring the Web 3.0 world to more people.Their next steps is making isotile an open world and creating a furniture builder in which people will be able to craft their own and sell on the marketplace as NFTs. For them, interoperability is very important. Many of their users already play with avatars from other collections. These are interconnected with isotile metaverse thanks to Ethereum Blockchain.The project strongly believes that decentralization is the main goal here. What helps to englobes and mix the Web 3.0 world with all sorts of NFTs projects and metaverses. That is what the project founder, Captain Defi, promises to bring with isotile.About Captain DefiCaptain Defi created this whole innovating world of interacting metaverse, that now is known as isotile. He is always giving alerts and tips on crypto hacks. He created this project to connect the community of Ethereum network. He also talks about smart contracts and how to optimize them, to help them become more secure and cheap.Social Links: