Kaiba DeFi Review: A Possible Solution to Hefty Gas Fees


Kaiba DeFi, like many technical innovations, grew from humble beginnings; a small group of people with a big goal for change. Their objective is simple: they want to tackle one of the significant challenges in one of the critical regions in the crypto landscape: the Ethereum blockchain’s gas crisis. While many existing programs have promised to tackle the gas problem but have not achieved any substantive results, Kaiba has and will contDeFie to do so.

On November 5th, 2021, the Kaiba project and its native token ($KAIBA) were released on the Ethereum platform. Kaiba had a daily volume of $2 million in the first two days, reaching an all-time high of $0.12 per token. Since its launch, the project has quickly gained tracked listings on crypto monitoring sites such as HotBit and CoinMarketCap.

Kaiba Ecosystem


The KIGA gas tracker in the project allows users to track and optimise gas prices. Users may view current gas prices and the amount of gas required for each transaction. It also features a function that allows users to be alerted of changes in gas prices relevant to their requirements.


The Kaiba bridge lets users transfer tokens across chains for minimal costs. As a result, they adhere to the ecosystem’s principle of low gas costs.


Holders of $KAIGO, their Polygon chain token, will be able to submit ideas and have a role in Kaiba’s project governance. Community members can vote on Kaiba Improvement Proposals (KIPs) for a small fee of a few cents.


Kaiba’s launchpad will ensure that new and current projects use its technology. The project will attract many smaller investors by eliminating gas expenses for ERC-20 transactions, allowing project expansion.


It is a decentralized token exchange driven by an internal virtual chain and based on the native token’s technology.

Kaiba Lightning Chain

Kaiba Lightning Chain (KLC) is the proprietary blockchain of Kaiba DeFi. It will be crucial to developing our ecosystem, expanding on the functionality and savings of other products such as KaibaSwap. KLC will have faster speed and, of course, the lowest gas rates on the Ethereum mainnet.

Kaiba DeFi Features 

Low Taxes

Kaiba’s tax structure is intended to secure the token’s survival and the team’s capacity to sell Kaiba-DeFi to the quality it deserves. Kaiba DeFi’s tax for every purchase and sale is only 6%; 4% of this goes to the liquidity pool to preserve stability, and 2% goes to the marketing wallet to allow us to spread the news about Kaiba-DeFi!

Gas Optimization

Never again will you have to pay for extra gas. Their proprietary gas fee optimizer guarantees that you will always spend the bare minimum in gas to complete your transaction! It helps both large and small investors to ensure their place with Kaiba-DeFi. 

It helps both large and small investors to ensure their place with Kaiba-DeFi. The project created an automated system that would not burden the token’s activity with internal transactions that users can postpone for more advantageous conditions under high gas price situations.

Safe and Secure 

The contract was built by expert engineers who are well-versed in Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


The team is developing an ecosystem for Kaiba-DeFi and wants to employ NFTs in the future to boost our visibility and establish ourselves as a household name in the DeFi area.

Staking Rewards

With Kaiba-DeFi, you’ll be rewarded in the form of passive income for sustaining the solidity of the token with competitive staking rewards.

Community Owned

The project will lock liquidity, and the team pledges to be completely transparent to make you, community members, feel comfortable. The project welcomes feedback, thoughts, and suggestions through our social platforms at all times.


Kaiba DeFi’s objective has been to save Ethereum users money on gas fees from the launch of the native token ($KAIBA). Taxes are maintained low to preserve the token’s survival through cost competitiveness and promoting larger trading volume while preserving sufficient marketing and brand growth resources. $KAIBA is built with smart contract technology, which saves consumers around 40% compared to other ERC20 coins. $KAIBA is both a tribute to and an example of Kaiba DeFi’s fantastic technology.


  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Max buy: 1% of the total supply for the first mDeFites, increased progressively after.
  • Max wallet: 1.5% of the total supply for the first mDeFites.
  • Max sell: 0.75% of the total supply.
  • Tax on buy, sell and tx: 4% goes on lp while 2% is the marketing wallet.
  • Anti-bot function: On every tx by a single address, there will be a cooldown of 1 second + or — a 0.5 seconds so to be undetermined and to avoid tx spam.


  • Staking Rewards: Users receive passive income for holding $Kaiba
  • Low Tax: Kaiba has a tax system that ensures the token’s longevity and makes sure that the team can market Kaiba DeFi to the standard it deserves.
  • Gas Optimization: the project has a proprietary gas fee optimizer that ensures you’ll always pay the bare minimum in gas for the transaction.
  • Safe and Secure: The team behind the contract is well versed with Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity.


  • Still in Development: The project is still in the development phase. Many of its features are yet to be implemented.

Roadmap: What’s Next?

The project is currently in its first phase. During this initial phase, the team will concentrate on crucial element consolidation, branding, marketing, and launching our flagship KaibaSwap and Lightning blockchain systems.

The following phase will see the formal launch of the Lightning blockchain and the development of our ecosystem to include more apps and closer interaction with the blockchain. The initiative also intends to expand its core personnel and critical alliances.

The following phase will occur in the second quarter of 2022, from April to June. It is a crucial milestone when they will extensively advertise KAIBA to attract the attention of mainstream tech media, bolstered by partnerships and more significant usage.

Final Thoughts

Kaiba can help you and your community members save up to 90% on Ethereum gas expenses. It was the promise of Ethereum 2.0; however, it has yet to materialise and appears to be dormant. Their technology is available as an ETH Layer 1 solution that does not need to go off-chain.

In the long term, this will attract smaller investors who will be able to support and expand your idea without feeling priced out. Existing investors are also rewarded with swap advantages that no one else offers.

Social Media Links

Website: http://www.kaibaDeFi.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/kaibadefiofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kaiba_DeFi

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/kaibaDeFi