Lasercoin Completes its Second Pre-Sale Phase and Starts the Third Phase


Lasercoin completed the second pre-sale phase at the start of the rally at the end of 2020 and began the third pre-sale phase in January 2021, although it was scheduled for June. The third and final pre-sale phase began on January 20th, so investors still have the opportunity to receive a bonus. LZR announces that the coin has been accepted as a means of payment in the first shop.

In addition, 5 more shop connections are planned by the end of the first quarter another 12 by the end of the first half of the year, for which the decision has already been made. Lasercoin can easily be used as a means of payment in various online shops and on gaming portals. Payment is safe, quick and transparent.

Lasercoin LTD currently already has many contractual partners and the number is increasing daily. The last negotiations with the ATM contract partner have been concluded and the LZR will be available at ATMs in 7 countries as early as March 2021. LZR LTD claims to have slipped well into the year 2021 and is perfectly prepared for the future.

About Lasercoin

Lasercoin is a digital decentralized payment unit based on the Ethereum blockchain. The LZR Coin makes it possible to receive and send money worldwide with low transaction fees. Lasercoin is now available for purchase and will be traded on various exchanges.