Learning is Made More Enticing through the Linkage of Earning Opportunities


Men are driven by the desire to achieve. A simple chore that holds no reward is often completed in a longer time duration by an individual as compared to a chore that holds rewards. The world is rapidly shifting to web 3.0 from web 2.0 and benefiting greatly from it. Almost all the leading sectors of the world are in some way, or another amalgamated with web 3.0 and cryptocurrency. Up till now, the only sector lagging in this regard was the education sector. This sector has made it to the internet but its amalgamation with web 3.0 is still awaited. Reach is an ultimate firm that has introduced the education sector to web 3.0 and ameliorated the practice of e-learning by offering certain benefits and incentives to the people.  


Imagine students sitting in front of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, and tablets and learning through digital courses instead of a traditional classroom setting where they get a chance to interact with other students and the teacher. This is the simplest way that E-learning can be defined. Although E-learning might be convenient and flexible for students, its effectiveness is dampened by the lack of interpersonal communication between students and teachers. The limited interaction with fellow students also turns learning into sessions of boredom. Reach has dived into the very depth of this problem and has figured out a great solution for it. The firm introduces the concept of rewarding students for every accomplishment that they attain along the path of these digital courses. 

Learn 2 Earn

Learn 2 Earn is a concept of rewarding users for tasks that they perform and is widely being used in the world of crypto. The concept has proved to be of utmost benefit and is considered the driving force behind most of the activities being performed on web 3.0. 

L2E Courses Platform

Reach houses a platform that consists of a digital library where individuals can access courses on personal development and business education. After going through videos of these courses’ users can attempt quizzes and tests. These tests not only prepare one for the courses that they intend to learn but also help them earn rewards in the form of $READ (the governing token of the platform). Thus, Reach is the ultimate platform for individuals who wish to learn and earn simultaneously. 

The Board

A community governing a firm is considered much better than a biased centralized government. In today’s world, companies on web 3.0 are adopting the concept of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). In simple words, it can be defined as an organization within a firm that forms the governing body and is influenced by the community members itself. 

‘The Board’ is a DAO. Voting pertaining to crucial matters of the firm is conducted in this organization. Decisions regarding the courses being offered, the tutors being hired, and other governing decisions are made here. Individuals wishing to participate in decision-making must hold a specific amount of $READ tokens in their wallets for a specific time. 

Leap (Acceleration Program)

Reach believes in lending a helping hand and support to new business ideas. To achieve this end, it allocates a portion of the tax collected for funding new ideas and projects. Again, the decision regarding which project to fund is made by The Board where holders of $READ vote for the project they deem best.


$READ has a total supply of 200 million coins. 30% of the supply is reserved for presale, 18% for liquidity, 15% for protocol rewards, 15% for CEX listing, 10% for the team, 7% for advisors, and the remaining 5% for marketing. Reach imposes a 2% tax on each transaction half of which is deposited in the treasury and the other half used for student rewards.


To sum things up, Reach is a top-notch firm in web 3.0 that is not only revolutionizing E-learning and making it more exhilarating but also helping to uplift the business sector through its supporting programs. It aspires to create the most colossal and renowned digital library accessible throughout the globe.

To get more information about Reach, visit the project’s official website or read their lite paper to know more about the community.

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