Leveraging Drip Network for Financial Freedom


Financial freedom is within anyone’s grasp. The key to achieving this goal is to take it one step at a time and to focus on securing low-risk passive income streams. Passive income is profits you generate for services rendered in the past. It’s what puts the “freedom” into financial freedom. Without it, you just have a high-paying job with no free time.  

In the past, the most popular ways of securing a low-risk form of passive were acquiring a job that paid residuals, investing in dividend stocks, royalties, or purchasing rental properties. There are endless ways to secure passive income but these are by far the most common. Notably, each of these methods lacks in its long-term security. 

Out with the Old Passive

Credit card machine sales members and other commission-based jobs often offer users residual payments on their sales. However, these passive income streams are unsecured, meaning that if they lose their job, they also lost their residuals. 

Investing in the stock market subjects you to centralization on another level. The GameStop Saga highlighted how brokers and hedge firms work hand in hand to manipulate the market.  Additionally, securing royalties isn’t as easy as it once was due to changes in the recording and entertainment industries. 

For example, the most common recording contract today is a 360-deal. This style of contract can take up to 91% of an artist’s royalties. It even requires them to pay on projects in unrelated fields such as acting. 

Blockchain Technology Introduces a Better Way to Achieve Financial Freedom

When Bitcoin entered the market 13-years ago, it symbolized a shift in the way people send value. It was the first time a true peer-to-peer electronic cash network functioned properly on a large scale. Fast forward till today, and blockchain technology has matured to an entirely new level. 

The Drip Network

The Drip Network represents this evolution. It combines a proprietary cryptocurrency, deflationary protocols, and a unique whale tax to provide users with more stability. The network focuses on providing low-risk passive income streams via advanced DeFi features such as staking and farming pools. These pools payout daily ROIs making them very effective at generating wealth over time. 

Low-Risk DeFi Features

The introduction of the DeFi era to the market opened the door for more ROI opportunities. DeFi networks remove the centralized portions of the financial system and replace them with autonomous smart contracts. This approach improves efficiency, eliminates human error, and improves the profit margins for users. In the world of DeFi, the community splits the profits versus the bank building up its assets.  

When you utilize staking or farming pools, you create passive income without the need to give up your original asset. As such, these systems are effective at multiplying your profits. Their effectiveness increases when discussing networks like Drip that payout rewards in the same token you stake and farm. This strategy enables you to add to your stake with every payout. 

Staking Features

Staking is one of the top features sought out by crypto investors today. When you stake your tokens you agree to lock them into a smart contract for a predetermined amount of time. Staking is easier than trading because you don’t need to do tons of market research and you already know what your rewards will be at the end of the staking period. Consequently, staking has become a standard option on all top-performing DeFi protocols.

Yield Farming

While staking protocols are an excellent way for new users to secure returns, there are some downsides, mainly that your staked tokens are locked up until the end of the period. Farming is similar but has no lockup periods. Instead, the farming pool is open with an APY that varies daily. This openness enables you to go from pool to pool to secure the best returns. 

Compound Interest

One of the main benefits that the Drip Network brings to the market is the ability to secure compound interest on your tokens. Drip offers users the chance to receive 1% daily returns on their holdings consistently. These savings add over time with yield pools that offer a potential 3678% APY.  


In addition to these features, the developers integrated a deflationary mechanism. Deflationary systems are a great way for DeFi protocols to prevent sudden drops in value. The Drip Network sends tokens to a burn address for multiple reasons including as part of the network’s core functionalities and when the community votes on these measures. This approach enables the network to stabilize the token’s value during market downturns and prevent inflationary risks. 


Whale tax

One of the biggest reasons to consider joining the Drip Network is the protocol’s anti-centralization systems. The network taxes whales using a unique sliding scale. The tax rate increases depending on how many tokens they intend to withdraw from the network. Specifically, the protocol can tax anywhere from 0.99% – 50% depending on the amount withdrawn from the Drip Faucet.

Community Governance

Another way in that the Drip Network puts you back in control of your financial freedom is via its community governance mechanisms. These systems enable you to put forth proposals and votes on the future developments of the protocols. In this way, your voice is heard. Additionally, community governance systems are a great way to keep a project’s users tight nit and work together towards a common goal, higher ROIs.

DRIP token

The Drip Token is a BEP-20 coin that lives on the advanced Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token has a limited supply of 1,000,000 DRIP tokens. Users must hold DRIP to interact with the Drip Network’s features and services. Additionally, you can stake DRIP and secure passive rewards.

The Drip Network – Retake Control of Your Financial Freedom

Platforms like the Drip Network provide a combination of features that make it easy for anyone to lock in passive rewards. The network was built to simplify user onboarding which makes it simple for new users to navigate. These factors and more make the Drip Network a top platform to check out in 2022.