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Dogeone is all set to take the crypto space by storm. They welcome their investors to say hello, get involved, and join the pack as it exclusively launches its Presale on PinkSale on March 28th 2022. 

DOGEONE relies on Binance Smart Chain with Light Speed transactions and cheap gas fees. The Project is inspired from ELON and his mission, “DOGE-1”. They believe art is affluence, but still, many cannot hold one. Thanks to the handshake between artwork and blockchain, the team will bring out the NFTs, making artwork reach everyone. They bring MEMEs and DOGEs together through their NFT platform. So, anyone with an artistic heart can showcase their NFTs and get rewarded on their platform. 

Dogeone will take the crypto space by storm, unlike any other current coin. They welcome their clients to say hello, get involved, and join the pack. In a recent update, DogeOne has come up with their PreSale, taking place on “PinkSale” on March 2022. Determined crypto enthusiasts can avail  their presale from their website

Additionally, the makers will be benefitted from the Launch of “DOGE-1” in a couple of months. The team is fond of Outer Space, so they welcome other enthusiasts to join them in contributing to the real-world cause – WORLD’S FIRST DEBRIS REMOVAL donation. We proudly can say DOGEONE will be the first in the crypto world to contribute for a huge cause. 

Moreover, the company also chose to follow paths with their DOGE Masters by contributing to the welfare of DOGS. They believe in “We are ONE,” so one of their future endeavors would be to unite with all the Doge cryptocurrencies and become one. 

Dogeone is a cryptocurrency combining MEMEs & NFTs to bring creative art to the masses of the internet, selling worldwide. Their vision is to become the one-stop platform for all Doge NFT enthusiasts and investors on the blockchain. Also, “TechRate” was commissioned by DOGEONE to perform an audit of their smart contracts to ensure that the smart contract functions as intended and identify potential security issues with the smart contracts. 

Potential users and investors can join their hands and make DOGEONE another superpower in Crypto Space. Join the DOGEONE community on Telegram, travel to outer space, and see the Big Bang happen. They thrive on building a community where they can trust and rely on each other to better the DOGEONE and the investor’s portfolio.

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