MoonForce: The Next Generation Crypto Multiverse


MoonForce developers, DevTeamSix, announced that all investors of PYE and MiniDoge that met a certain requirement, will be able to participate in the private presale, OG Holders Sale. The public presale is scheduled to happen towards the end of January.The requirements were as follows:PYE holders must hold 250K or more tokens and MiniDoge holders with 25 billion or more tokens to qualify. The dapp will verify that the conditions are met.The max contribution per wallet was 5 BNB and the high cap was 5,000 BNB. The MoonForce community on telegram were in the voice chat waiting for the link to be dropped on Twitter. the link dropped, the investors rushed to join the Official MoonForce OG Presale. It went from 0 BNB to 3,500 BNB in the first 5 minutes sending a huge wave of excitement throughout the community. made this so unique, is the community behind the MoonForce project. MoonForce OG Presale was a huge success and it was without any marketing making this one of the most highly anticipated project of 2022. The community behind the presale have been along for the journey and understand the ecosystem created by DevTeamSix. The tech powering MoonForce, PYESwap is one of a kind. It will attract many developers to launch projects on MoonForce to gain access to the revolutionary tech.Twitter: contactCompany: MoonForceCEO Of DevTeamSix: Bill SpataE-mail: Patrick@DevTeamSix.comWebsite: