morph: The Web3 Brand That Bridges The Gap Between Real and Virtual Worlds Through Digital Innovation


morph is an NFT collection of 10,000 charming creatures. Clumsy, Endearing and adorable each of them has their own personality. These fully-fleshed personalities together form the perfect community-driven Web 3.0 project to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds — the ultimate objective of the digital revolution that started a decade ago. Created by a collectif of renamed entrepreneurs, morph aims to remain utility & hype into the NFT world.“More than owning a Jpgeg, owning a morph is a lifestyle”, explains their team. But why is it a lifestyle? There are different reasons for that. First of all, owning a morph will allow you to access innovative merchandise inspired by the morph universe, the particularity of it is that all the merchandise will be created and managed by contemporary artistic directors. Users owning a morph would be able to get their exclusive whitelists and enjoy other advantages to those. Throughout these drops, morph intends to offer unique pieces that can be burned by users to physically retain as digitally-valued assets.Following this, morph's inclusive digital community will be backed by live parties and private events  in secret places located on the top world capitals for the holders. These milestones will be scheduled in tandem with key announcements for the platform. The project also hopes to take another revolutionary direction and create reality-based quests that would require community members to solve them by working together. Rewards would await the winners of these quests, a part of morph's journey to digital excellence.About morphmorph is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique characters and aims to bridge the real and virtual worlds. The project has an extensive roadmap for creative and community-driven developments. It’s an innovative and ambitious type of Web3 Brand project that would benefit everyone holding a stake in it.Twitter | Discord
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