Mosdex Expands Arbitrage Trading Support


The latest January 2023 updates from Mosdex announced multiple exciting implementations and user support plans in the pipeline. The cryptocurrency platform will now be expanding arbitrage trading support. The arbitrage trading platform will extend its service to three exchanges. Their exchanges will involve Bitget,, and Bybit. This current announcement will help Mosdex users gain potential profits and help the company expand its user base. The company’s plans to expand arbitrage trading support will now be more accommodating.


Arbitrage trading involves benefitting from price differences from multiple markets. For instance, a trader purchases crypto from one exchange at a low price and sells it on another exchange at a higher price. However, this lucrative trading strategy involves the user accessing multiple exchanges swiftly and efficiently and requires the user to transfer funds at lightning speed. The arbitrage trading platform allows users to perform arbitrage trading through its platform and support multiple exchanges. The exchange support now lists three more exchanges, benefitting the traders.


The platform integrates high-tech DeFi, ML (Machine Learning), AI, and Blockchain technologies and provides a fully automated trading app to Mosdex users. To expand its arbitrage trading support even further, Mosdex eliminates the hassle of registration on multiple exchanges and ensures funds in all these exchanges. The platform automates this entire process and eliminates trading barriers. Arbitrage trading becomes easy and accessible through the platform as it integrates multiple exchanges. It also helps to save the trader’s effort and time, ultimately eliminating the logistical issue of arbitrage trading.


The company’s plans to expand its arbitrage trading support will involve adding multiple crypto and stablecoins to the platform, along with three more exchanges. It will ensure more users join Mosdex. The company will introduce enhanced infrastructure for supporting these exchanges.


Along with expanding its support for arbitrage trading, the platform provides multiple features for easier and more accessible trading. Mosdex offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring novice traders can also trade easily despite the complexities of cryptocurrency and digital asset trading. Moreover, the platform allows 100 percent secure trades at high speed and records all transactions on its ledger, eliminating issues like data alerting or tampering. 


The platform will also make improvements to its ERC-20 Tether support. It will allow Mosdex users to trade using USDT and any network. The arbitrage platform will offer Ethereum and Btc networks.


Mosdex charges low fees on transactions with its advanced algorithms. The low trading fee will help users to make profits through small price differences, as high transaction charges can quickly eat into profits.


The expansion of arbitrage trading support on Mosdex will help the company to attract users as all three exchanges have millions of users. The platform will also aid traders to generate steady profits through staking or simply investing with its PSM (profit-sharing model) and with the addition of three new exchanges- Bitget,, and Bybit.


The cryptocurrency arbitrage platform offers secure, easy, and faster trading options, ensuring users generate steady profits. By expanding its support for arbitrage trading, the company will help users to take advantage of price differences between different markets and increase their returns. The expansion of Mosdex’s arbitrage trading support to three new exchanges will enhance user revenue, onboarding, and more.

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Covy Aaron