Mozart Finance’s First Smart Contract Audit Brings It Closer to Its Token Presale


Mozart Finance, a project planning to go live on the Binance Smart Chain, is proud to present its soon to come token presale after a successful smart contract audit. The audit that ImmuneBytes conducted was the first smart contract for its native token, PIANO. 

The audit is proof that the platform greatly values its customers and their funds. As such, it looks at this step as the first among many heralding the community’s trust in its protocol.

The DeFi ecosystem is building a deflationary yield farming ecosystem through a combination of technologies and deflationary mechanisms for the best returns for its users.

It puts to account the constant scams surrounding the DeFi space and, more so, the failure of many young projects to achieve their goals. Consequently, it is putting its best foot forward to develop a sustainable long-term option for DeFi users.

PIANO in Symphony

According to the DeFi protocol, its primary objective is to build PIANO into a deflationary token that ‘performs like a symphony.’ 

Born as a fork of Goose Finance, Mozart Finance hopes to be the next big thing on BSC, offering many features that users can exploit to earn different rewards. Similarly, it is working towards leveraging PIANO as a medium for a stable price pump with an effective burning mechanism.

Furthermore, it is creating an efficient yield farming avenue with high APR, with more plans for development on the way. 

A Brewing Public Presale

Mozart Finance is making the necessary preparations before the presale set to start in March. The protocol submitted three more contracts for auditing before the launch of its pools and farms. The team is approximating 5-10 days before ImmuneBytes rounds up the last of the smart contracts’ audits.

The project is yet to release a definite time and date for the presale.

PIANO has a total supply of 9,600,000 tokens with a minted supply of 100,000. The protocol plans to distribute 61% of the tokens to its farms, 30% to the music pools, and 9% to developers. 

The already-minted 100,000 tokens will act as the starting supply: 55,000 tokens for the token sale, 40,000 for liquidity lock, and 5,000 for marketing. 

The presale’s soft cap will be 800 BNB and the hard cap at 2000 BNB, with 1 BNB standing for 27.5 PIANO. Users need a minimum of 0.2 BNB in their wallets to participate in the public presale. However, you can always ramp it up to the maximum set at 20 BNB.

50% of the BNB raised during the sale will go towards liquidity provision for the protocol. 45% will go to the treasury, while the remaining 5% will go to the dev wallet. Treasury funds are to aid in future buybacks, marketing and development, and the burning of PIANO. 

To boost its deflationary characteristics, 1% of each transaction will be burned. Moreover, 50% of all fees will be used to reward PIANO token holders. 

An ALL-encompassing Protocol

As mentioned earlier, Mozart Finance wishes to provide its community with an array of features. Besides its yield farming function, the protocol has plans to introduce more interesting functionalities on its platform. Some include decentralized betting features, NFTs, crypto lending protocols, and Initial Farm Offering

The democracy DeFi protocols are offering users is becoming a popular concept. Mozart Finance users will have a say in the changes that are to happen in the ecosystem; all PIANO holders will have governance rights on the platform. 

As the platform transcends to greater heights, the Binance Smart Chain is also getting a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts. You can get more information on the progress of Mozart Finance here.