MyLocalPax Announces Token Fair Launch


The team at MyLocalPax, a revolutionary P2P crypto exchange platform, is pleased to announce the Fair Launch of its token: $MLP. MyLocalPax lets crypto user’s trade cryptos globally. It supports multiple payments, free wallets, and so much more. 

The $MLP Token 

MyLocalPax has a native token with the symbol "$MLP." The Fair Launch of the token has been slated for 22 March 14:00 UTC. Use this link to participate in the Fair Launch. Token holders will enjoy up to 383,025.80% APY and an auto compounding contract that rewards users every 15 minutes.

Token holders can use their assets to purchase goods and services on MyLocalPax. As the platform continues to gain traction, token holders will have the opportunity to vote and be voted for in the scheme of things.

$MLP Giveaway 

MyLocalPax will regularly conduct giveaways and contests to reward loyal investors. A whopping $2,000 worth of $MLP has been set aside for giveaways. A total of 50 winners will emerge in the content. Use this link to participate in the giveaway.

MyLocalPax Features

MyLocalPax is the world's leading P2P platform packed with lots of features.

No Middlemen

Buying cryptos on the MyLocalPax platform is simpler, as there are no middlemen in the system. You have the freedom to set your price and terms with buyers/sellers.

IPFS, Swarm

MyLocalPax is deployed to IPFS, Swarm, and other P2P delivery protocols.

End‐to‐end Encrypted

Communication between buyers and sellers are end-to-end encrypted. MyLocalPax uses Whisper for the transportation of encrypted messages.

Web3 Model

MyLocalPax supports third-party wallets like MetaMask, Most, and other mobile wallets.

Blockchain PKI

The team uses a blockchain PKI to store account identity keys on‐chain.

About MyLocalPax

MyLocalPax is a peer-to-peer crypto exchange marketplace, where crypto traders can exchange cryptocurrencies directly with each other. Unlike a traditional exchange or an escrow provider, MyLocalPax doesn't process withdrawals, accept deposits, or facilitate automatic matching algorithms. Additionally, MyLocalPax doesn't hold any fiat or cryptos in trust.

It's easy to trade cryptocurrencies as a vendor, as you have the freedom to choose your own rates. You can buy cryptocurrencies from over 3 million users worldwide. The team at MyLocalPax is working round the clock to ensure that the platform is free from the activities of scammers.

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