Nanjing Lishui: It's The Right Time to Enjoy Lanterns and Pick Berries


On the evening of January 1, nearly 300 Kongming lanterns were raised in the Yongshou Square neighborhood. At the same time, 76 groups and thousands of lanterns were lit up simultaneously throughout the city. The colorful and bright lights were mapped over Lishui, the southern center of Nanjing, and the healthy and vibrant new city. This also meant that the 5th Qinhuai Source Lantern Festival was officially lit up. The lantern festival will last until February 18, and citizens and visitors can experience the charm of light and shadow and the strong flavor of the New Year at the 100-mile Qinhuai river. It is understood that in 2018, Lishui first held the Qinhuai Source Lantern Festival, which has become a popular place for Nanjing and the surrounding citizens and tourists every year.January is the peak time of picking strawberries, and the Honglan Street Fujiabian Strawberry Garden also ushered in the annual picking fever. Walking into the strawberry farm of Tao Xingfu, people will see rows of strawberries growing robustly, with a red strawberry dotted in the middle of the green leaves. They are full of fruit fragrance and attractive. People came to pick strawberries and wandered in the sea of "berries" leisurely.As the largest strawberry planting base in Jiangsu province, Honglan street Fujiabian strawberry has been developed for more than 20 years, with an area of more than 10,000 mu. It is mainly planted with excellent varieties, such as Hongyan, Fengxiang, and Ningyu. In addition to Honglan, the Lishui strawberry picking garden is also spread all over Jingqiao, Dongping, and Shiqiu, and each strawberry garden has its main strawberry varieties. With a large number of strawberries on the market, tourists from all over the world come to pick and taste them every day. The average daily income of strawberry farmers is more than 1,000 yuan, which directly increases farmers' income. The small strawberry becomes a veritable "fruit that brings fortune".The Chinese New Year holiday of the Year Tiger is coming. A trip to the countryside is the most suitable. You can go to Lishui, pick strawberries, watch the Qinhuai Source Lantern Festival, or taste the local food and so on, which can relieve nostalgia, and enjoy poetic life. To ensure the health and safety of the public visitors, the local area has also implemented various pandemic prevention and control measures, such as reminding them to wear masks, temperature measurement, and code checking. person: Liang MoTelephone: 18512523653E-mail: 18512523653@163.comCompany name: Nanjing Dingle Culture Media Co., LtdAddress: 129-3 Guanghua Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing CityPublishing Source: