New 3nm ASIC Miners an investment opportunity


Bitramo, a recently launched blockchain startup, has opened up a solid invest opportunity for all crypto enthusiasts regardless of their knowledge or experience. Founded with the goal of makingcrypto mining super easy as well as profitable, the company has recently released its Ramo 1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X miners equipped with highly efficient 3nm ASIC chips.Making profits by investing in crypto mining relies heavily on the hash rate and power consumption of the hardware used for mining. To ensure high profitability of its three miners, Bitramo offers hash rates that have not been found in any other mining hardware till date. Moreover, even though these rigs offer extraordinary computing power, they have reasonably low power consumption. Hash Rates and Power Consumptions at a Glance                           Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero     Power Consumption Ramo 1:             360 TH/s      30 GH/s      2 GH/s          2MH/s             550 WRamo 2:             750 TH/s      70 GH/s      5 GH/s         5 MH/s            900 W    Ramo X:            2250 TH/s    210 GH/s    15 GH/s         15 MH/s         2200 WHigh Profits and Superfast ROI Owing to their high hash powers and moderate power consumptions, Ramo1, Ramo 2, and RamoX miners are more profitable comparable to any other mining rig available on the market. Most importantly, users can fully recover their investment in less than a month. Monthly profits one can make using these mining rigs are summarized below.                              Bitcoin       Litecoin     Ethereum     Monero     Ramo 1:              $1900           $1400         $2200          $2500        Ramo 2:              $4000           $3500         $5700          $6600           Ramo X:             $12,300        $10,500      $17,000       $20,000Crypto Miners for EveryoneAnother key advantage of Bitramo miners is their extraordinary ease of use. Unlike most other mining hardware available in the market, these products can be used without any prior experience or knowledge. Also, these miners have minimum system requirements, and can be run with an internet speed of just 10 KB/s. To simplify mining for the newbies, all Bitramo miners are delivered preconfigured with Linux based system equipped with Bitramo software.  The company also offers two years’ product warranty covering all types of software or hardware issues.   To find out more about this excellent investment opportunity, please visit Bitramo: A crypto mining startup backed by multiple corporations, Bitramo is on a mission to improve the crypto mining landscape by developing and delivering the latest technological innovations. The company offers an exquisite range of ASIC mining hardware designed to make crypto mining efficient and easy like never before. The company’s ultimate goal is to democratize crypto mining by allowing common people to benefit  from it.