NFT Host ART HAUS to Open Exclusive Gallery in Days

NFT Host ART HAUS to Open Exclusive Gallery in Days

ART HAUS wants to take the NFT collectibles sector up a notch with its latest product launch. This
unique NFT platform incorporates a variety of curation mechanics and membership levels to provide the
market with a host of authentic and exclusive collections. Unlike the competition, ART HAUS is focused
on providing an artist residency program.
This approach enables the platform to help artists with exploring their NFT ideas. Promising artists are
showcased through research, podcasts, private viewings, and much more. These initiatives provide
valuable insight into their creative process. Collectors can learn what fuels their favorite artists and
works. This strategy adds value to the entire NFT market because it enables collectors to gain an
understanding of an artist’s cultural significance.

Artist Residency

One of the key components of ART HAUS’s approach is the development of an exclusive artist residency.
Creators can apply to join as an artist in residence. Each applicant is carefully reviewed to ensure that
they will find value in joining ART HAUS to premiere an exclusive collection.
Artists that qualify for residency can lean on the team to experiment with NFTs in a supportive
environment. For one, the exclusive galleries are only accessible to keyholders. This designation means
that the collector has already done their part to become a member of this incubator for the digital arts.
These collectors aren’t your average users. These are collectors that are serious about finding the next
Beeple and getting in on the ground floor of their creative legacy.

Artist Protections

Skilled artists seeking a residency should consider ART HAUS as their home for multiple reasons. For
one, the entire program is designed to service the needs of these creative minds. For example, there are
a host of thoughtfully integrated protections for content creators that make it a wise decision.
The artist residency program guarantees complete creative freedom and sovereignty for artists, with
custom branded smart contracts for all ART HAUS NFTs. This ensures that artists are contributing to an
authentic body of work that is truly and provably theirs. While many existing platforms are reducing
operating costs by minting artists’ works to contracts shared with many other artists, ART HAUS are
committed to changing the status quo.
Artists having a home for their work on the blockchain with their own branding is very important to the
team. Not only for the artist’s sake, but to give collectors the opportunity to own something created
entirely for the artist. Collectors can rest assured knowing that they own authentic work and won’t be
duped by an NFT platform going out of business.


Another key feature that has artists migrating to ART HAUS is its residual commissions. When you create
and sell your art with ART HAUS, you’re able to experiment with the latest developments in secondary
royalties. Unlike other platforms that only honor them locally, ART HAUS is committed to the adoption
of universal standards.
This approach adds a lot of value to the residency program as many NFT artists have an extensive
collection of NFTs that are constantly changing hands between collectors.

Earn with NFT Auctions

One of the core components of ART HAUS is its auctions. NFT auctions provide creators and collectors
with a ton of opportunities. For artists, it enables them to get the most from their collections. For
investors, it provides them with a better chance to snatch up unique pieces for a steal. ART HAUS
auctions are powered by the ZORA protocol.

Art NFTs – A Booming Market

The NFT market continues to grow at an impressive rate. More artists and collectors are meeting up and
exchanging tokens, concepts, and strategies than ever. Platforms such as ART HAUS provide a host of
valuable protections for both parties that make it the ideal destination for those seeking unique
opportunities in the market. As such, ART HAUS serves a crucial role in empowering these content
creators and collectors to drive ROIs to new heights. Artists seeking to find out more about the
platform’s residencies can click here.