NFTs meet IDOs with YOP!


Following on from our explosive announcement of building the first IDO marketplace and launchpad aggregator we wanted to provide an update. In this post we explain how NFTs and IDOs will come together on the YOP platform.

So first an update on the NFT farming currently running on the MEME Platform. You can stake from 88 YOP upwards to farm Pineapples, these can be used to claim YOP NFTs. The YOP NFTs were launched to enter a prize draw for a chance to win exclusive FVCKRENDER NFTs. Only 36 of these will be minted for circulation. At launch we mentioned that the YOP NFT Tickets would have further use cases. Today we would like to expand on that. Before we head into more details, we are also announcing today that the farming of YOP NFTs on the MEME Platform will end on 30th April 2021. All YOP NFTs must be claimed by 18th May 2021.

Moving onto the function of YOP NFTs in the IDO Marketplace. We are working with our partners to bring YOP holders the best projects with a streamlined process. There are 3 tiers of YOP NFTs.

Farm YOP NFTs Limited Time on MEME

Before we outline the YOP NFT tiers, lets clarify how the YOP IDO Marketplace will work. There have been many questions about how we intend to work with our partners and which pools will collaborate. The first point is that the YOP IDO Marketplace should give you access to existing pools as you would access them via the native platform. This streamlines token holdings, adds the calendar and allows the customer to participate from one wallet in a simple and easy to use application.

The next stage above is where we offer a portion of an existing IDO via the YOP IDO Aggregator in conjunction with another platform. We have several plans to approach this and it will develop as time progresses. Especially as IDO platforms move to permissionless structures. From day one we may not work with every partner at the same level but intend to increase these offerings overtime and continue to improve the YOP platform experience.

Finally we have the YOP Exclusive Pools that will be supported from Pluto Digital Assets bringing incubated projects to the Yield Optimization Pad. Stay tuned for the first project coming to market.

The 3 Roads Leading to Yield Optimization Pad

Now onto the $YOP Exclusive Pool tiers. When we announced the Yield Optimization Pad we noted that you should HODL 333–8888 $YOP. Here are the details on how each tier will work and the Bonus access via holding the YOP NFT.


  • 333 $YOP for Base Tier. Base gives you a chance to win an allocation for the pool, the number of slots available will vary project to project.
  • 8888 $YOP for Prime Tier. Prime will give you fixed allocation in a project in the YOP Exclusive Pools. The final allocation depends on the total available and number of participants.
  • Both Base and Prime have maturity. So you must have held the tokens for a minimum of 30 days.


We then move onto the Bonus Tiers. There are 3 YOP NFTs: $YOP 88yProtocol 222 and the yPlatform 888. Each ticket will allow holders to participate in YOP Exclusive Pools. We outline each tier below:

  • $YOP Token NFT: Gives you access to the IDO Allocation Draw.
  • yProtocol NFT: Gives you access to fixed IDO Allocation.
  • yPlatform NFT: Give you access to fixed IDO Allocation + the option to participate in the private sale in exclusive projects.


The Yield Optimization Pad: Stake for Cake. In this option we will open a staking contract where holders are required to stake YOP tokens to claim YOP Exclusive Pool project tokens. Here you do not required to spend any YOP or ETH. You are simply staking to claim. For all YOP holders of 888 $YOP and above with a maturity date you will receive a portion of the YOP Exclusive Pool.


  • MEME Staking ends 30th April 2021. All YOP NFTs must be claimed by 18th May 2021.
  • HODL 333–8888 $YOP
  • HODL YOP NFTs for access
  • Stake for Cake: HODL 888 $YOP
  • Pluto Digital Assets Incubated Projects

We believe that these variations provide a more fair chance for everyone to participate in the Yield Optimization Pad. We look forward to unveiling our platform and bring the first project to YOP Holders. For those of you who love NFTs, small hint 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 + ⚽️ = NFT 🚀

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