NiftyKit Removes Paywall and Adds New Features in Latest Platform Update


NiftyKit has just announced a major update to its NFT platform, adding new features and capabilities for creators and collectors. The update includes a new Apps Marketplace, which features ApeCoin ($APE) integration as the very first launch. Creators can now leverage the power of ApeCoin for their NFT projects, providing a simple and secure checkout process for their customers.

Additionally, the latest update adds the ability to mint limited and open editions, improves the waitlist product, and introduces a revolutionary new smart contract called "Diamonds." NiftyKit is now completely free to get started, with the platform only receiving a small percentage of primary sales once creators start earning.

"We believe NiftyKit will help empower as many creators and brands as possible through accessible and affordable experiences," said Dan Carr, CEO of NiftyKit. "Our mission is to help creators build a new world with NiftyKit, and we are thrilled to continue building and unveiling even more groundbreaking features to push the NFT space forward."

Some of the key features of NiftyKit’s update include:

Zero Upfront Fees

NiftyKit has decided to remove the paywall to make NiftyKit more accessible to all. NiftyKit is now completely free to get started, and the platform only receives a small percentage of 10% on primary sales once creators start earning. This fee will also be adjustable, so creators can absorb the fees, pass them onto collectors, or split them 50/50. Creators can upgrade to a lower percentage fee if they prefer, giving them more control over their earnings.

Diamond Collections 

With NiftyKit’s Diamond Collections, creators can take their NFT collections to the next level. This proposal outlines a brand new type of smart contract system, called "Diamonds," which are highly modular and can be upgraded and extended after they have been deployed.


Creators can now create limited and open editions of artwork or 1-of-1s within a single smart contract collection. The updated interface provides a user-friendly dashboard with real-time insights into sales and inventory to track and monitor performance at a glance, and easily adjust edition settings as needed.

Arbitrum Nova

In addition to Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum, NiftyKit now supports minting on Arbitrum Nova. Arbitrum Nova powers NFTs with high transaction volumes that seek to drive costs even lower. Nova is perfect for games, where user actions can mint items on-chain at a high frequency, from in-game currency to personalized assets.

Waitlist Signup

The latest update introduces more flexible requirements to help build a more secure and reliable community. Creators now have the ability to require an email, postal address, phone number, minimum ETH balance, and specific tokens before collectors can qualify for their NFT launch.

Asset and Metadata Import

NiftyKit has made it easier than ever for creators who are less technically inclined to upload their assets and metadata. With NiftyKit's Asset and Metadata Import feature, assets are automatically uploaded and securely stored in IPFS, eliminating the need for manual uploading and saving valuable time. Plus, separating these import flows gives creators greater control and flexibility over their data, while also ensuring that their assets are always protected and cannot be lost or corrupted.

"We are excited to continue building and unveiling even more groundbreaking features to push the NFT space forward," said Dan Carr. "These new features introduced to NiftyKit is just the start, and I’m excited to see what creators will build with these new tools."

About NiftyKit: NiftyKit is a leading NFT platform that empowers creators to build, manage, and monetize their NFTs. NiftyKit’s no-code NFT smart contract platform enables creators to generate revenue easily through NFT sales and secondary royalties. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with a suite of tools that make it easy for creators to create and sell their digital collectibles without the need for developers or code.