Participate in DYP Crowdsale, The ETH-Based Project Unlocking Numerous Capabilities


Investors now have the chance to marvel as DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) comes into play allowing pool staking and ethereum mining procedures. How do you understand the deals DYP has to offer? 

So far, the growth of DeFi protocols and yield farming is not a strange thing. Considering the diversity of protocols worldwide, everyone is spoiled for choice. However, there is a difference between different yield farming protocols, and DeFi Yield Protocol aims to register the right mark.

Mainstream projects continue to increase in the crypto world as the focus now shifts to Decentralized Finance. DeFi pulse reveals that the cumulative number of assets locked is closer to $14 billion. As DYP enables users to earn a substantial amount of income through liquidity contributions, it doesn’t stop there.

Crowdsale and Token Distributions

DYP must engage the audience first and build the entire platform from scratch through crowdsale funding. During the pre-sale phase, DYP managed to sell 570,000 tokens. The ETH-based project plans to supply a maximum 30 million tokens into the market. Users just need to make ETH deposits on the crowdsale address and secure bonuses ranging from 2.5% to 15% in four consecutive sale rounds. 

Each round will start immediately when one completes the preceding sale; however, the fourth round will only begin if the first three rounds finish their sale phase before the DYP stake is launched. The minimum ETH deposits for buying DYP tokens is 0.5 ETH, while the maximum purchase amount is 100ETH.

A Community against Crypto Manipulation

Crypto whales are not a new phenomenon in the crypto space. Through the hand of such particular entities, the crypto world faces a full-lodged loss due to their actions. Though many investors pride their investments as impregnable, market manipulation results affect a massive number of all the crypto investors globally. A good example is the SushiSwap or DOGE pump and dump situation, leading to the loss of thousands of dollars for many enthusiasts.

Therefore, DYP adds an anti-manipulation feature that converts the pool rewards to ETH daily. In such a case, the protocol ensures that all people get a fair chance to earn rewards for all their participation in DYP liquidity pools. In addition, the smart contract also regulates the token price. If the price fluctuation is beyond 2.5%, the protocol ensures the swapping of as many DYP tokens as to eliminate price fluctuation. 

A Look into The Lucrative DYP Network

The unique protocol ensures the essentiality of maintaining the right word as far as DeFi. Likewise, it sustains an efficient pathway for all yield farmers for positive rewards. Besides their most lucrative ROI, the protocol hopes to maintain a reliable platform for lending, borrowing, saving, and more. 

As a platform encouraging the extensive spread of reward, DYP offers sufficient power for any ETH miner. The enticing 35GH/s Hashrate is a good deal for any miner.

Instead of a complicated UI as many protocols go for, the DYP network strives for a user-friendly interface that any level of traders can comfortably utilize. Otherwise, being the problem solver, DYP hassles to forge partnerships that will sustain the network. Moreover, with the smart contract integration with Metamask and TrustWallet, every user can rest easily assured of their capital’s safety. In time, DYP will be a magnificent contribution to the worldwide adoption of crypto and its many benefits.

The DYP Crowdsale is available here.