Petoverse is a VR MMORPG universe within the Metaverse with various utilities, including its own Petoverse Auto-Staking and Compounding Protocol, an upcoming Play-to-Earn game, and NFTs. With the highest fixed APY of 2,087,120.50% for the first 12 months, people flock to have a piece. But these are utilities you’ve seen before, so what made their presale so successful and bullish?The project had started a huge marketing campaign that spanned over YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, with big names like Yao Cabrera, Alberto Castilla, Kevin Macri, Fomotion, among others, which amassed a large influx of people wanting a piece of the presale. With the presale holding over 2,500 BNBs with over 2,400 holders, it is ongoing as the team continues to wow the audience with its ongoing marketing and plans for the future. The marketing campaign attracted hundreds of new supporters, it also gained the attention of whales with each buying more than 10 BNB, 50BNB, and even 100BNB. This created such a hype that people who had previously bought, bought again. The team also hosted 10 AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) garnering attention for their transparency and knowledge. Within the crypto-space, honesty, integrity, and intelligence are important, therefore, the whole team shows its competence, and people are more inclined to invest as the project is seen as legitimate. This is what happened with the AMAs, people loved the way the team spoke with confidence even with all the questions and occasional FUD, they never faltered. The rows of AMA that they’ve organized range from Crypto Talkz, Bully Maguire’s, Future Lounge, Phoenix Holdings, Crypto Predatorz, CryptoZin, Pinksale, Rugfreehouse, Venom’s, and Gollums Gem. As a result, the Petoverse Fairlaunch Presale trended number 1 on the PinkSale platform for a streak of 5 days and the hype continues to soar days after the presale opened. The community members are dragging every single one of their friends to participate in the presale because of the hype and credibility the project has shown. It is important to note that other rebase projects do not gather the amount of hype Petoverse has amassed over the course of the week. This is due to the fact that the team’s transparency and competence are unparalleled. Petoverse has been completely open about how their contract is made, where the allocations go, what the different wallets are used for, and other concerns that have been raised. Their answers are consistent and elaborate, leaving no room for doubt or FUD within the chat groups. With the promises of an even bigger hype post-launch, the people do not doubt the incredible potential of Petoverse. Post-presale, the team promises bigger names to join their marketing campaign. With surprise contests left and right, the community members are in no mood to leave the bullish project. It is not too late to buy in for their presale! It will open until April 29th, and people are more than welcome to join. Click the link below to buy: If you are interested to learn more about Petoverse, you can research through their website and whitepaper:Website: : Stay connected through their social media accounts:Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Medium : Reddit: Official Telegram Group : Official Telegram Channel : PR Partner:Newscall | Telegrampress@newscall.coThe information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency).