PISQOL: The Only Fractional NFT Marketplace on Solana


Have you been looking for a way to invest in various NFTs but find them too expensive or difficult to learn the ropes? Pisqol is ready to help you make your first step in investing in NFTs by providing a platform where users can easily access the highly valuable NFTs while reducing the curve involved in learning about them. 

According to the development team, the Pisqol platform will operate like OpenSea but will offer fractional NFTs on virtual assets across the globe. The team behind the initiative understands the impact that NFTs have made on the world’s financial industry. According to Dappradar, the trading volume of NFTs was worth over $10 Billion, which is very intimidating for any beginner, middle-class or low-income individual who wants to invest.

Pisqol NFT Collection

The NFT Collection from Pisqol will include 5,000 NFTs, giving you unique access and privileges to the complete Piqsol Ecosystem. This also includes the Metarsocial Metaverse as well as the first-ever Solana Fractionalized NFT Marketplace. Its fractionalized NFT network will lower entry costs, provide sellers with faster and simpler liquidity, expand market access, and foster the formation of new and fascinating communities.

Ideally, there will be three tiers in Pisqol’s NFT Collection network. They include:

Tier 1 NFT: By holding 3000 NFTs, users will get voting rights, reduced platform fees, early access to all Beta Version with Pisqol’s ecosystem, DAO

Tier 2 NFT: By investing in 1500NFTs, holders will get all the benefits from tier 1 NFT as well as a 1.5% share of platform profit

Tier 3 NFT: This tier consists of holders of 500 NFTs, who will in return, gain zero platform fees, a 3.5% share of platform profit, an executive room channel in addition to DAO access, and exclusive access to events in London and Dubai. They will also have voting rights and exclusive access to every Beta version released within the Pisqol ecosystem

Why Choose Pisqol?

Pisqol is positioned to become the 1st Solana NFT fractional marketplace, allowing users to buy, trade, and mint portions of their preferred NFTs. Fractional NFT ownership not only lowers entry costs, but also provides sellers with faster and simpler liquidity, expanded market access, and allows for the formation of new and fascinating communities. 

Holders of the 5,000-piece Piqsol NFT collection will have priority access to the Piqsol Ecosystem, which will include a UAE metaverse called Metal Social. Holders of its token will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Shared revenue of up to 20% from platform fees, which will go to a treasury wallet for distribution to holders after every two weeks 
  • Advanced Access to Piqsol Marketplace’s Beta Version
  • Subscriptions are available for free.
  • Airdrops of Piqsol Tokens
  • Enjoy access to the Metal Social Metaverse 
  • Gain daily PISQOL tokens for NFT staking 
  • Exclusive discounts and decreased platform costs


In addition to its whitepaper, Pisqol has also publicly shared its roadmap to help potential investors in mapping the project’s development. Below is a quick overview of the project’s roadmap.

Phase 1

  • Create Twitter and Discord
  • Launch PR articles
  • Build social communities on AMAs and Discord
  • Finalise whitelist
  • NFT giveaways, WL giveaways, and establish collaborations and partnerships

Phase 2

  • Public mint on 10th May 2022
  • Holder’s Matrica verification 
  • Distribution of 8% of NFT royalties
  • Create a DAO channel to establish the strongest Solana community
  • NFT staking V1, which allows investors to stake and get Pisqol tokens

Phase 3

  • Presale PISQOL token for 48 hours only with Pisqol NFT holders having exclusive access and discounted rates
  • Launch of the Beta version of the Pisqol NFT marketplace exclusively for holders on 29th April 2022
  • Launch of public ICO on 15th April 2022
  • Token listing on LP Creation and Raydium

Phase 4

  • NFT staking V2 where holders can lock their NFTs for a specific period for higher yields
  • Early access to Pisqol’s metaverse, MetarSocial
  • Free membership for 12 months to future Bio-links platform
  • 80% discount on the imminent FARFEX Cloud Accounting Annual Membership

Note that Pisqol’s pre-sale token event is currently ongoing, but its ICO live event will launch on 15 April 2022. For more details on PIsqol, visit http://piqsol.com/