Pitano Sets For A FairLaunch on 14th April, Offers fixed APY 281,563.89%


Pitano is a new Auto-Staking project with a Fairlaunch from April 14 to April 17, 2022. The project not only aims to bring an attractive APY level but also to introduce many new features that are different and standout. PITANO Protocol: Pitano team allows the holders to combine all their investments and profits, as the protocol automatically rewards holders 2.2% daily with a fixed APY of 281,563.89% rewarded every 10 minutes, 144 times a day.The Smart Mechanisms Of APY: Pitano has generated its own revenue through smart mechanisms including:- Use Defi 3.0 Multi-chain Farming to grow Pitano Bank exponentially at 100% a year or so to better support the Pitano price.- Using protocol-owned liquidity (POL) combined with PITANO's underlying mechanism is the key differentiator that allows Pitano to generate an additional revenue stream (Pancakeswap offers 0.25% per transaction for Liquidity providers) allowing it to deliver additional value and increased APY to token holders.Benefit For The UsersBy holding $PITANO in your wallet, there will be following rewards:1. Your tokens increase 2.2% per day and compound interest to 281,563.89% a year.2. Your total token value in USD will increase as your stock/total market cap increases as the supply is burned 4% per week.3. Pitano's market cap grows bigger as new investors join, but your stock/total market cap doesn't decrease but instead keeps increasing, your total token value in USD will continue to increase.Diverse, comprehensive platform1. Auto-Staking with fixed APY of 281,563.89%: Pitano's interest rate is outperforming its competitors in the market. Accumulate 1 time 10 minutes, 1 day 144 times, the fastest cumulative level currently on the market.2. Investment insurance: This is the first feature appearing on the market. Early investors will have an exit in the Pitano's insurance locker. Insurance lockers are financed from transaction fees. When the price drops beyond a specified level, the insurance wallet will automatically allocate compensation to the Investor's wallet according to the proportion of Tokens held.3. Pitano Bank: This is an additional feature, allowing Investors to save long-term at Pitano Bank and receive a reward of BUSD with APY of 5,422.15%.4. Pitano G.A.M.E: Opportunity for weekly sweepstakes with rewards up to 10% of token participating in G.A.M.E without fees5. Pitano NFT Collections: According to the updated Docs on the Pitano.network website, this feature will allow holders to have the right to buy NFTs of Incubations projects.And many other features like PITADAO, you can see more at: https://docs.pitano.network/Social Media Handles:Telegram: https://t.me/PitanoGlobalTwitter: https://twitter.com/PitanoNetworkReddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Pitano_FinanceDiscord: https://discord.gg/Y5TN33xVg9Medium: https://medium.com/@PitanoNetworkContact Info:Organization: Pitano NetworkName: Pitano NetworkEmail: contact@pitano.networkWebsite: https://pitano.network/