Popa Langur Announces Token Fair Launch, Aims To Refine The NFT and P2E Industry


The team at Popa Langur, is pleased to announce the introduction of its project to the crypto and DeFi communities. The team wishes to inform the public that the project's Presale or Fair Launch will commence on April 3rd at 16:00 UTC and end on April 7th at 16:00 UTC. Find the Fair Launch details here. The $POPALANGUR TokenPopa Langur has a native token with the symbol, $POPALANGUR. This token has different use cases, including using it to purchase goods and services on the Popa Langur ecosystem. Token holders have the right to vote and be voted for in the project’s governance structure.Popa Langur Features• Reflections for holders: Popa Langur has reflections for token holders.• Low tax: Popa Langur has one of the lowest tax rates – 6% in the crypto space.• P2E game: The team intends to develop a play-to-earn game. The design is not yet definitive.• NFTs: Non-fungible tokens will be listed on the Popa Langur metaverse for NFT lovers to buy, hold, and generate revenue.• Strong marketing team: Popa Langur parades a strong marketing team that works round the clock to oil the project's wheel for growth.• KYC: Popa Langur has robust KYC protocols to verify every user on its metaverse. Before you buy or trade $POPALANGUR, you must comply with the KYC processes.PopanomicsTotal supply: 1,000,000,000Pre-sale: 50%LP Tokens: 25%Development CEX (Locked): 20%Team (Locked): 5%Buy/sell tax: 6%Liquidity, marketing, reflection: 2% eachFully AuditedPopa Langur has completed its audit process by a leading audit firm in the crypto space: Analytics Audit.About Popa LangurPopa Langur is a new primate species recently discovered by scientists in the jungles of Myanmar. Popa Langur is at the risk of extinction. Popa Langur is a monkey with rings around its eyes and a long tail. It has a crest of fur on top of its head. According to a report by the London Natural History Museum, between 200-260 monkeys of its kind are left in circulation.As Popa Langur is still new in the crypto space, the value is bound to gather momentum with time. The project parades a team of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain experts and digital marketers. In the coming weeks, a centralized exchange will be launched. POPALANGUR will be listed on several exchanges as well.KYC: https://auditrate.tech/certificate/certificate_Popa_Langur.html Audit: https://github.com/AnalytixAudit/Solidity/blob/main/Audit_Popa%20Langur.pdfSocial Media Handles:Telegram: https://t.me/popalangurTwitter: https://twitter.com/Popa_Langur_GemContact Info:Organization: Popa LangurEmail: info@popalangur.netWebsite: https://www.popalangur.net/