PSYCHODOGE Introduces Tokenomics Program that Generates Rewards

PSYCHODOGE Introduces Tokenomics Program that Generates Rewards

PSYCHODOGE is an exciting hyper-deflationary BEP-20 token on Binance smart Chain (BSC). The doge-themed token promises to stand out from the competition due to its classic tokenomics with a reflection technology designed to reward holders.

Dubbed the best DOGE token globally, PSYCHODOGE is the core that underpins Psycho Finance, a brand new ecosystem with a no-bullshit approach to the latest crypto trends.

The project charges a 9% tax on buys, with 4% automatically going to PSYCHODOGE hodlers, which the burn wallet also gets, making the token hyper deflationary. Another 2% goes to the marketing wallet, and 3% goes to auto liquidity that turns into BNB.

Every sale transaction charges an 11% tax with a 6% reflection to token holders. This approach rewards those who stick with the project long-term and punishes weak hands. Another 2% goes to the marketing wallet to develop the whole ecosystem, while 3% goes to auto liquidity that turns into BNB.

The PSYCHODOGE metaverse consists of the Psycho wallet, a PsychoSwap platform where users perform swaps, and an NFT hosting platform (PsychoAsylum) where content creators can sell their digital artwork. 

PSYCHODOGE Prepares to Go All The Way to the Moon!

The PSYCHODOGE token is ready to take flight in a way never seen before in the meme coin world. The team has set up a simple, old fashion reward system to ensure that diamond-handed hodlers go on that journey to the moon with them.

The PSYCHODOGE devs have done a brilliant job creating a simple project with no fancy tricks such as “rewards in BNB ” or “buy-back” tokenomics that don’t work. Unlike other “rewards pool projects, that only benefit the developers and project backers, PSYCHODOGE puts investors first and rewards PSYCHODOGE hodlers with more tokens in a straightforward way.

Initial liquidity will be locked for 12 months to instil trust in the community and guarantee investors that their funds are secure. Moreover, the project code has been thoroughly inspected by leading blockchain auditors Solidity. The contract is available on Github and bscscan, in line with the team’s promise to always remain 100% transparent every step of the way. 

The PSYCHODOGE Marketing Campaign is on!

The project has assembled a leading crypto marketing team to help take the franchise to greater heights. The marketing team will employ various tactics, including banner advertisements on major platforms such as CoinGecko, Coinsniper, Poocoin, Dxsale, and many more.

There will also be a 24/7 campaign on every social media platform with mind-blowing graphics and videos. That effort will complement major PR marketing campaigns on popular finance websites such as Yahoo Finance and Cointelegraph. 

Finally, the team will unveil partnerships with some heavy hitters, including top crypto influencers, celebs, and famous musicians, who will undoubtedly help the new ecosystem take flight. 

A Team That Truly Cares About the Community

Besides its superb tokenomics, well-orchestrated marketing campaign, and a token that is headed to the moon, what truly sets PSYCHODOGE apart is a team that genuinely cares about the community.

The team decided to create PSYCHODOGE to give crypto users an escape to the meme coin misery they endure in the crypto metaverse. Projects rug pull investors or dump tokens on the market before abandoning the endeavour.

The PSYCHODOGE team has shown they care about their community by breaking the norm on BSC with their free reflection tokens dished out to users simply for holding $PSYCHODOGE.

Although they chose to remain anonymous for now, the team promises to stay active on telegram and regularly host live AMA voice chats to update the community on the current project status. To interact with the expanding community and to learn more about this unparalleled project, visit their social media pages: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook.