Puzzle Royale Enters the Metaverse with a Playable Demo, Cinematic Trailer and $25K Tournament!


The team at Puzzle Royale knows that there are no shortage of projects popping up in the GameFi space, and with that comes a lot of responsibility on the players to research just how successful and fun the games might be.With this in mind, the Puzzle Royale team is offering a publicly available, playable demo! In this demo of the game, players will be able to experience what the gameplay actually feels like prior to the game launch, and potentially win prizes for participating in this exclusive early-`look.There is no better way to learn about the value of the project than by actually getting it in your hands early and being able to see that it’s a fully realized game and by being able to talk to the creators of the game in their Discord or Telegram servers directly.  The goal of the Puzzle Royale team is to create transparency into the project and to build a community of excited and dedicated players that are looking to help the game grow.In this playable demo, players will be able to build their team of five heroes out of sampling of the future offerings.  For Endless Wave mode, players will see how far they are able to progress before their team expires.  In Boss Mode, players will try and do as much damage as possible to an enemy boss before the timer expires.  With these simple modes, players will be able to experiment with the various hero NFTs and see their art, observe their power, and figure out which lineup of heroes fits them best!“Ever since smart phones have offered games, the relaxation and excitement of Match 3 games have always been a staple in the space.  These games have been played by the young and older generations alike, and we wanted to bring this kind of experience to the world of GameFi. This genre allows people to pick it up for a few minutes to relax, or to really dedicate themselves to advancing far in the game and showing off their achievements.  It truly is a game style that caters to everyone.We’re really looking forward to offering this style of game in the ever evolving Metaverse space to help usher in a new wave of players who are new to crypto gaming, and make that experience as easy and rewarding as possible.”  – Aaron Yee, Founder and CEO of Puzzle Royale.Anyone with some creative chops can also post videos of them playing the game in crazy or creative ways to earn prizes as well!The demo and competition will be available on April 11th, 2022.  If you’re looking to check it out, you can join the official Puzzle Royale Discord and Telegram groups!  The total prize pool for the event will be over $25,000 USD, rewarding the top 500 players, so you won’t want to miss it!