Racer’s Utopia is equipped to change the dynamics of gaming on the Metaverse


Racer’s Utopia is a play-to-earn game on the metaverse that is powered by the mighty Binance Smart Chain. The rigid architecture and game design of Racer’s Utopia enable players to experience high-end realistic graphics which are much more efficient and powerful compared to other games that run on the blockchain. The involvement of blockchain in the metaverse has been significant as it opens a whole new level of possibilities, especially for games like Racer’s Utopia. The complete idea of the game is to deliver a world-class gaming experience to the users and at the same time allow them to earn rewards, create passive-income generating streams, experience NFT tradings, and much more. The CarKey (CKey) Token:Racer’s Utopia comes along with its very own Native token, CKey or famously known as the CarKey token which is inspired by Axie Infinity and the SafeMoon token. The token is designed to withstand market slumps and is deflationary. The design of the token enables it to be used as a Utility or a play2Earn token.  Along with the gaming experience, the players also have access to collect and own NFTs that are based on the game which are available on the game’s native marketplace on the metaverse. The NFTs on the gaming metaverse comprise various elements of the game ranging from Cars, Race Tracks, Gas Stations, and much more. The complete game is structured in a way that allows the player to not only be a part of a game but also help them generate passive income streams through various opportunities spread throughout the game. NFT selection:The biggest highlight of Racer’s Utopia apart from the play-to-earn options and the game itself is the diverse collection of NFTs.Car NFT Collections:Being a racing game, Racer’s Utopia’s NFT collection is completely based on the rich and diverse collection of unique and realistic car models. The players can choose from a list of 60 unique car models with 30 unique colors and 60 skin options, all adding up to a total of 7800 NFTs which will be available for minting for the players as a part of an IGO event. Race Track Blueprints NFTs:The game also comprises a total of 900 race track blueprint NFTs that the players can choose from. They are bifurcated to an average of 30 racing locations each subdivided into 30 parts adding up to the total. The players can also purchase these Race track NFTs that will be also available for purchase on their native NFT marketplace. Gas Station NFTs: The Gas station NFT is probably one of the most immense values NFTs available in the marketplace and the game. There are only 50 NFTs available on the marketplace and come with immense passive income features. For example, if a player owns a gas station NFT, they will be able to receive Ckey tokens from other players who use their Gas Station NFTs to fill up on gas. Usually, the players who play the game need to wait for a particular time slot to get their gases filled for free, but the provision is exclusive for players who are more passionate about playing the game. Owning a gas station NFT comes with a catch. To be eligible to hold a gas station NFT, the player must own at least 4 Cars out of which one of the cars must be a 3-star rated one. Car Rental NFTs:Similar to the gas station, the Car rental NFTs also come with a passive income model. People who own a car rental NFT can rent out their NFT cars to other players. There is a total of 200 Car rental NFTs on the Racer’s Utopia metaverse and the eligibility for a player to own a Car rental NFT is that the player must at least own 5 Cars out of which one must be a 3 star rated car. Car rental NFTs are also available for purchase for the players on their native marketplace. WorkShop NFTs:WorkShop NFTs also work similarly to Car rental NFTs. Workshop NFTs can be used by the players to ensure that their cars are in racing condition and look good on the track too. Every car owned by a player is subjected to a considerate damage level after each race and thus owning a Workshop NFT means you are going to have a good stream of passive income as other players will have to rely on the workshop NFT to play the game. There are only a total of 30 Workshop NFTs that are available in the metaverse for players to own. To own one, players are expected to participate in specific tournaments to get a chance in earning a workshop NFT. Tokenomics, Supply, and Usage: The total supply of the CarKey Token (Ckey) is around 1 billion Ckey tokens. The tokenomics of the token is distributed into 10% for Team/Advisors, 5% for airdrop and bounty program, 5% for marketing, 35% for play-to-earn/ecosystem fund, and 45% for presale and liquidity.The token is also equipped with Auto and Manual BURN features that aid the deflationary nature of the token. Apart from the existing tokenomics, there is also a 5% tax charged on trade (BUY/SELL). The 5% tax collected is further bifurcated into 2% which is redistributed to the burn wallet, 2% for redistribution to existing holders, and the rest 1% to the treasury that will be maintained by the racer’s Utopia Community. The complete model of the game is designed in a way to keep the players active on the metaverse platform giving scope for more improvement and features in the upcoming updates.Website: https://www.racersutopia.comDiscord: https://discord.gg/qMes9y3BTwitter: https://twitter.com/racersutopiaTelegram: https://t.me/racersutopia