Rebase Introduces High APY-Delivering Auto Compounding Protocol


The Rebase team is pleased to introduce a high APY-delivering auto compounding protocol to help users generate revenue from their investment. About RebaseRebase APY aims to be a game-changer in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) field that uses the Buy-Hold-Earn mechanism to help users generate returns when holding Rebase APY tokens.Rebase APY and MetaVerseThe Rebase APY team allows content creators to mint their arts into blockchain tokens, NFTs. The conversion ensures their absolute ownership of their artworks and their authenticity, helping creators to earn royalties on their crafts if they are sold in the Rebase APY marketplace.Besides minting and earning from their crafts, the team also allows buyers to collect the rarest and most appreciating NFT cards to enable them to generate higher returns on such cards.During the visit, they will see the NFTs on display so they can purchase their favourite arts from the marketplace directly without going through a third party.The Rebase TokenThe team built the Rebase token on a positive rebasing mechanism, an antidote to price volatility. Through rebases, the team intends to beat the Rebase token’s price fluctuation. During a rebase, the token’s supply will be algorithmically increased with the token’s current supply as the yardsticks for the increase.Rebase APY Token Mechanism and Rewards DistributionThe Rebase APY team uses a complex set of factors such as Rebase APY Insurance Fund (RIF) to support the Rebase token and rebase rewards. RIF ensures the Rebase APY Protocol’s long-term viability and price stability by ensuring that Rebase APY token holders receive a consistent 0.018% rebase rate every 10 minutes.Auto StakingUsers need to only purchase the token and hold it in their wallet to get fixed APY of 1,288,888%.Rebase APY The Rebase APY team understands the importance of community development and marketing. It recently collaborated with FOXCAMPAIGNS & Aladdin Center to launch its $55,000-worth one-month long Bounty Program. That’s in addition to its airdrop campaign while working closely with YouTubers and other promoters to grow its brand.Other services that the team currently develops include NFT Cards, NFT Marketplace, Play-to-Earn Games, Rebase Launchpad, and a host of others.The Rebase APY team has concluded plans to host a FairLuanch on Pinksale on April 16, 2022, at 14:00 (UTC).VinDAX listing: Sale Whitelist: To Participate in Private Sale: Results Announcement: 09–04–2022Private Sale Starts: 10–04–2022FairLaunch: Audit: Media Handles:Telegram Group: Channel: Info:Organization: Rebase APYEmail: Website: