Renderfruit Announces Their Recent NFT Collection To Inspire Bodily Concepts of Human Nature


Renderfruit, an Argentinian artist known as Clara Luzian in the real world, has announced and dropped her most recent NFT collection under the name of ‘Anesthesia.’ This collection has been curated by SuperRare, with the association of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art (MoCDA), a digital body responsible for accompanying and guiding digital artists to greatness. Renderfruit feels proud to be the second curated artist in this format who has been striving hard to bring forth projects like Anesthesia for its audience.Anesthesia depicts a well-thought idea of fantasies and illusions. The artist worked on the concept behind their exhibition by bringing together these two diverse attributes of the human brain. The exhibition will last for the whole month of April. Comprising 4 NFT pieces (3 animated videos and one 3D sculpture). This exhibition will have its dedicated gallery across the Metaverse, built through Arium Spaces.Renderfruit dissected the complete set of artworks by putting the human body as the main subject. Referring to the project to the basic form of anesthesia used across surgeries, the artist connects the ultimate vulnerability with dreamy situations and ideas that bring serenity and ecstasy to their users. The concept of the real world is converged with visions of peace, joy, and happiness.Bringing another perspective of surgeries into the discussion, Renderfruit idealized the situation of a surgical room amidst the anesthetic conditions resembling rush and danger. With the possibilities of death, blood loss, fluid, and cuts across the body, the interventions caused amidst the anesthesia leave behind scars that can never keep the body in its original form.The show and exhibition created by Renderfruit takes users into a digital world of artistic creations, which would be divided into multiple rooms. Comprising three rooms to dissect this exhibition, the main room displays the videos and sculptures across the wall, which can be climbed with the help of an avatar. While keeping surgery as the focal point of the designs and project, Renderfruit represents intimacy and exposure across the idea, displaying chaos and serenity across a single place. Working with the human senses is extremely difficult, which has been beautifully captured in their exhibition.This exhibition display the four pieces discussed and they are also available for bidding on SuperRare at a reserve price auction. Viewers who wish to visit and understand the ideology behind the exhibition can access it from here. As stated by Marie Chatel, this statement explains the congregation of otherworldly consciousness and peace across the project: "Each intervention leaves scars forever. The body -flesh and soul- is no longer the original creation it was born in."About RenderfruitRenderfruit, an Argentinian 3D artist, is known for their exceptional 3D work and outstanding skills in the digital world. Clara Luzian's name has made a global image of unique clientele and art. With an experience of 12 years in the field, the artist has worked extremely hard to establish her position as a renowned artist. With clients like Young Thug, Miley Cyrus, The Weeknd, Maroon 5, and many other famous artists, Renderfruit is ready to exhibit her next masterpiece in the NFT world under the name of Anesthesia. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Discord | SuperRareCONTACT: Media Contact: Email: info (at)