Rocky Inu ETH Bridge Coming Soon to the Market


The ETH version of Rocky Inu’s token, which was previously available only on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, is soon to go live. Rocky Inu has created a project intending to attract the market’s attention by taking advantage of the Shiba Inu coin (and similar) mania.

The Rocky Inu project has launched a large presale on March 21st, allowing early-bird investors the chance to get $ROCKY coins.

What Do We Know About the Presale?

On March 21st, the pre-sale began, and it will end on April 5th. Investors evaluating Pinksale will find a great deal of information at Pinksale.

The portal estimates that the coin’s first market capitalization will be roughly $1.6 million. CoinGecko calculated a diluted market cap of $3.9 million for the BSC version of $ROCKY at the time of writing.

In addition, the group set goals of $100 in soft market capitalization and $200 in hard market capitalization. The minimum purchase amount will be 0.1 $ETH, and the maximum buy amount per wallet will be 2 $ETH.

The token supply will be equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000 samples. The token’s pre-sale rate is 0.000000000002 $ETH. There will be a minor increase in the listing rate, with one $ETH amounting to 450,000,000,000 $ROCKY.

The Rocky Inu Project

There are no taxes on all buy transactions to promote long-term holdings. It’s a widespread trend for token holders to get a passive income in the blockchain sector.

All non-buy transactions will trigger a 15% tax, which we can break down as follows:

  • 6% Marketing Operations: Rocky Inu will need to grow over time, and its team is aware of it. So, 6% of the transactions will serve this purpose to promote Rocky Inu and build a community.
  • 3% Reward Holder: The incentives that token holders receive are akin to stock dividends. Thanks to a 3% fee on all non-buy transactions, the reward balance will grow. All token Holders receive a share in the final outcome.
  • 3% Automatic Liquidity: Rocky Inu’s liquidity and its ability to hedge against price volatility potentially increase as the liquidity pool expands. Rocky Inu’s pool of potential customers will never run dry, thanks to a 3% transaction charge on all non-buy transactions.
  • 3% Burning Operations: To preserve its deflationary position, Rocky Inu burns tokens on a regular basis. All non-buy transactions are subject to a 3% tax, and this quantity of tokens will permanently disappear from circulation.

The team received a positive audit review from InterFI, and it has recently applied for Certik verification.

Bottom Line

The popularity of meme tokens has a clear link with the simplicity traders can buy and sell them. A bridge to Ethereum would represent a step ahead in Rocky Inu’s maturity in the eyes of investors.

The market trip of Rocky Inu is just beginning, and we’ll keep an eye out for anything new to report to the public.