Roko Clan Launches NFT Pre-Sale Event


The Roko Clan is a community based on ownership of its non-fungible token (NFT) backed digital collectibles. The Clan is now set to launch its pre-sale event, a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new blockchain concept. During the pre-sale, users can purchase up to 500 NFTs at only 0.06 ETH each. This exclusive opportunity will be available on Roko Clan website. Each NFT gives users ownership of a work of art depicting the character Don Roko — created out of hand-drawn elements algorithmically combined to produce a unique digital collectible. Ownership also grants membership to the Roko Clan.The concept of the Clan is built around the character Don Roko. After his father was murdered, Roko learned hard lessons on the streets of Blockchain City with the help of his mentor Dr. Tusk. Members will follow along as the story of Don Roko’s rise to take over the city unfolds. These exploits are recorded in a graphic novel book, manga magazine and podcast exclusively available to members through The Warehouse portal.Members will also have the ability to vote on the use of proceeds from NFT sales. They are empowered to participate in key decisions on charitable giving, events, and member perks, as well as the Roko Clan’s expansion into the Metaverse.As NFTs are sold, new experiences will become available, per the organization's Roadmap Activation plan — including the release of new chapters of Don Roko manga, limited-edition digital artwork, and YouTube Channel. This perpetually increases the value of membership, which will be limited to 10,000 users.Unlike many online communities, the Roko Clan is built around a clear code of conduct. Combined with the regular perks, charitable giving, and one-of-a-kind multimedia storytelling concept, this project is a new kind of digital experience.To become a part of this groundbreaking online community, join the Roko Clan through the purchase of their collectible NFTs. The pre-sale event is the best time to start, but you have to act fast. You can register for the presale event of Roko Clan NFT here: more information, visit