Royalty Finance Introduces Sustainable Reward System with High APY, Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Protocol


Quick takeRoyalty Finance is a decentralised auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol that offers investors an annual yield of 160,198%.Utilities will contribute to the growth of the $ROYAL ecosystem by providing inherent value.5% on each Buy and 6% on each Sell will go towards the liquidity pool helping the ROYAL/BNB pair grow.What is Royalty Finance?Royalty Finance ($ROYAL) is a high APY-delivering auto-compounding and auto-staking protocol to help users generate revenue from their investment. Royalty Finance intends to maintain a sustainable rewards model while also encouraging confidence in investors. DeFi has sparked great interest among the most savvy investors, with many agreeing that it has provided some of the most lucrative opportunities in a revolution of sorts, and that cryptocurrency has created more millionaires in the last decade than any other time in history.By far, DeFi appears to be the most popular and widely accepted means of making your money work for you in an environment where cryptocurrency users can lock or stake their tokens and earn huge interest rates that most thought were unattainable. Financial algorithms and token staking methods known as protocols, which are made up of Smart-Contracts, are the resources that DeFi firms deploy to generate these huge profits.Defi 1.0 and 2.0 introduced new versions of these protocols that drew billions of dollars and helped establish many of the best performing crypto companies.The Royalty Finance developers have created the Royalty Auto-Staking Protocol, a DeFi 2.0 protocol that delivers a decentralised financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through its unique protocol.According to Royalty Finance CEO, the project's Huge APY is sustainable because of the unique methods they've implemented to make sure that the overall supply of tokens stays efficient even when demand skyrockets.$ROYAL Token and TokenomicsRoyalty Finance recently conducted a private round of sale with a hardcap of 350 BNB and a maximum wallet of 3 BNB. 5% token bonus was given for private sale to reward the earliest investors of the project.The token presale will commence in the coming days which will be announced on the project's social platforms and website.The token distribution is as follows:BUY 14%SELL 18%Promotion & Development: 4%Promotion & Development: 7%Royalty Longevity Reserve (RLR): 5%Royalty Longevity Reserve (RLR): 5%Liquidity Growth: 5%Liquidity Growth: 6%Royalty Finance HighlightsRoyalty Finance team is composed of highly qualified developers, DeFi community owners, accomplished executives, and other knowledgeable team members. In addition, Royalty Finance has worked with a variety of organisations to bridge any gaps in experience and connections.The major features of $ROYAL ecosystem include:Automatic APYRoyalty Finance pays out an incredible annual percentage yield of 160,198.31 percent to investors. Multiple functions work in conjunction to make this viable. To put this in context, a $1,000 investment would yield $1,601,983.10 after one year, thanks to compound interest.This is accomplished through a complex rebase mechanism that is activated every 15 minutes and is backed by Royalty Longevity reserve (RLR) and Liquidity growth systems.Royalty Longevity Reserve (RLR)The Royalty Longevity Reserve is the insurance component that governs the APY system. The accumulated trading fees ensure a high and consistent return to Royalty holders while keeping balance with the rebase every 15 minutes.Liquidity GrowthBecause holders are rewarded with the APY, liquidity is critical to the $ROYAL protocol's long-term viability. Each buy order will contribute 5% to the growth of our ROYAL/BNB pair, while each sale will contribute 6%. Royalty’s huge pool will help mitigate the impact of large sells.This tax will ensure a sustainable liquidity ratio as the market capitalization grows. If necessary, the unique contract permits Royalty to burn this allowance.About Royalty FinanceRoyalty Finance is a decentralised protocol with auto-staking and auto-compounding that offers an annual yield of 160,198% to investors. Royalty’s primary goal is to maintain a sustainable rewards model while also establishing trust in investors. Utilities will contribute to the growth of the $ROYAL ecosystem while also providing economic worth.Royalty Finance has officially activated  CertiK to provide a comprehensive security audit & KYC of their smart contract in order to identify shortcomings and propose solutions.Website | Gitbook | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | InstagramMedia ContactRoyalty FinanceRoyaltyfinancebsc (at) gmail.comPR PartnerCrypto Kid Finance: TelegramDisclaimer:The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.