Safechaintoken ($SCT) Presale is Set for October 23 on DxSale


Safechaintoken ($SCT), the native utility token of the upcoming Safechainswap platform, will have its presale scheduled for OCTOBER 23 at 1500 UTC on DxSale The project is a user-friendly DEX which now has about 27244 votes on Coinvote

Using Safechainswap, anyone can easily swap tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. The swap platform offers low transaction costs and is backed by its hyper deflationary utility token, $SCT, which facilitates many use cases in the ecosystem. 

One of the imminent products is a dApp for staking and farming Safechaintoken, allowing investors to earn more $SCT and expand their portfolio. The platform is also building an NFT marketplace that will feature unique digital artwork from top artists. Users can purchase and trade these special NFTs on the market using $SCT.

The creative and dedicated team behind this project boasts years of experience in the blockchain and Fintech sectors. They are working on adding more contracts and use cases to the decentralized platform.

The Safechaintoken Swap integration will occur in Q4 of 2021, offering investors an independent platform where they can instantly swap any token or trade NFTs.

The Safechaintoken Presale Starts Soon!

The $SCT presale is scheduled to start on October 23, 2021, offering early-bird investors a chance to acquire a deflationary token with massive potential for growth. The Safechainswap team will host the event on the leading DeFi launchpad platform DxSale, ensuring the fundraiser runs seamlessly and safely.

Interested investors can participate in the presale using BNB tokens and grab their share of the 62,500,000 $SCT on offer. The maximum contribution is capped at 5 BNB (1 BNB = 250,000 $SCT).

The swap platform plans to submit its smart contract for review by leading blockchain auditor SolidProof to guarantee investors that their funds are safe. The audit company will also conduct a KYC check of the team, further boosting community trust in the project. 

Presale participants will get the token at a discounted rate. After the event is complete, the team will announce the $SCT listing on top exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Coingecko, Binance and CoinMarketCap.

Join the upcoming presale via this link and get a 1000x gem that promises to deliver the highest possible return on investment.

The First Decentralized Utility Token with Diminishing Supply

Safechaintoken is a hyper-deflationary token  with a low supply. The Safechainswap protocol puts deflationary pressure on $SCT via its burn mechanism that is crucial to ensuring the growth of the token. The team burned over 27M $SCT from the total 250M supply before the token launch. They also locked 25M $SCT in a burn wallet; the platform plans to destroy these tokens over time gradually.

As Safechainswap integrates more products and use-cases to its ecosystem, demand for its utility token could likely skyrocket amid diminishing supply. Investors expect these market forces to facilitate the token’s appreciation over time and attract more investors in the future.

Earn More on Safechainswap!

Besides offering users lucrative staking and farming contracts that generate passive income, Safechainswap also gives token holders opportunities to earn more via static reflections and weekly giveaways.

Smart contracts will deduct a 10% tax on every transaction on the protocol. 5% of the amount will go to $SCT holders, while the other 5% will enhance the project’s liquidity pool. 

The Safechainswap community can also earn rewards from weekly token giveaways offered to the most active members. The project founders have set up a bounty wallet to hold funds for these community token giveaways. Some funds from the bounty wallet will also go into financing trading competitions once the $SCT is listed on exchanges. 

To learn more about Safechainswap, its native $SCT token and the upcoming presale, check out the resources below:Website | Twitter | Telegram | GitHub |