SCROOGE Aims To Dominate Reflection/Gaming Token Industry, With Beta Casino Set For Release In Q2 2022


In Q2 of this year, SCROOGE plans to release its casino's beta version. To ensure the long-term viability of the business, 100 trillion SCROOGE tokens have been set aside for use in the casino. All holders of SCROOGE may participate in play at the casino and receive tickets based on their holdings.Every month, the casino will be funded with a certain quantity of SCROOGE, which can be won in real cryptocurrency. This remarkable innovation is sure to raise the value of SCROOGE and benefit everyone who holds it.SCROOGE has enjoyed a solid debut in its cryptocurrency adventure. The company's market cap was about 400,000 initially, but it is now worth more than 10 million and averages 150,000 transactions each day. They have a bold plan to reach a market capitalization of $1 billion in no time, and they anticipate breaking into the top 20 cryptocurrencies eventually. With its PLAY to EARN casino and gaming platform, they dominate the reflection/gaming token industry.The SCROOGE token will be used as a casino and gaming transaction currency. 8% of all tokens will be staked for BUSD distribution, 4% marketing/manual burn, and 2% auto liquidity. They have also partnered with a well-known casino game developer, Juego Studios, a development studio that has created games for Dreamworks/How To Train Your Dragon. The partnership will see the two firms collaborate on creating a new casino gaming platform that is expected to break boundaries in an industry where innovation and change are constant.The SCROOGE website is easy to navigate and intuitively designed. The platform is based on blockchain technology to ensure that users' personal information can be kept secure and provide for greater transparency between the players and the casino. This will also help gamers keep their winnings safe after withdrawing them from the platform.The SCROOGE community is expanding, making it a perfect moment to get involved. If you enjoy poker/casino games and the occasional income boost, you should buy SCROOGE right away.The Team Behind SCROOGESCROOGE is led by a talented staff with decades of expertise in the gaming industry and financial sector.  The team has attracted talent from major companies worldwide, ensuring that the protocols are functional and user-friendly.James Peters, the company's CEO and founder has 17 years of financial expertise and solid experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Muhammad Ahtasham, SCROOGE's graphic designer, is one of the best in the business, with 13 years of experience in digital designing.Jerome Badana, a marketing professional with extensive expertise, is in charge of SCROOGE's public relations and marketing activities. Soon to be the President is an Infrastructure GURU with 20 years of sector experience. This individual works on billion-dollar businesses infrastructure for billion-dollar companies and currently works for a Fortune 150 company. Social Channels ContactName: James Peters Email: