SCROOGE JR Set For Launch In May After Explosive Growth With 5,000 Holders And 25x Increase In 4 Months


Scrooge LLC, a blockchain startup and creator of the SCROOGE digital asset, is set to launch SCROOGE JR on May 14th at 2 PM EST. The digital asset has already garnered 5,000 holders and has already seen a  25x increase within the first four months of its release. SCROOGE LLC, seen as a gambling entity by many corporations, has decided to make JR a separate entity entirely. SCROOGE JR LLC will control all operations for JR and be seen specifically as a gaming company.SCROOGE began as a vision of James Peters, the CEO, and now has two utilities in active beta testing with expected release over the coming months. The Scrooge platform will offer a mind-blowing P2E casino featuring Texas Hold’em poker. The gaming side will be hosted by SCROOGE JR, which is scheduled to launch publicly on May 14 at 2 PM EST. The Scrooge Arcade is slated to be released within weeks of the launch and will allow holders to play for free and win valuable prizes, like NFTs, crypto, merch, and more.The P2E gaming mega center will pay out 6% in BUSD to holders, while 4% of the profits will be allocated to the arcade where holders will be able to cash in and win real money. This is just the first piece of Scrooge's gaming ecosystem development. JR plans on developing multiple flagship games that will reward players with Scrooge tokens. SCROOGE wants to dominate the cryptocurrency industry. The team behind the project isn't just looking at the potential in 4% of the world's population that holds cryptocurrencies; instead, it sees potential in bringing everyone into the crypto space. The CEO James Peters Sr. and President Brady Lewis have a no-holds-barred attitude with a can't-lose mentality, which means they recognize that 50 percent of the global population plays games, and 30% enjoy gambling/casino games. All gamers and P2E fans are encouraged to join us for the SCROOGE JR public token launch on May 14th for a chance to get in early on this rising star in the crypto world. SCROOGE JR is set to become a major player in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to its innovative funding mechanics of the gaming platform and a growing community of rabid supporters. Whether you're a gamer or just looking for an opportunity to have fun and grow your bag, don't miss out on the launch of SCROOGE JR.The Scrooge Dynamic Duo of James Peters and Brady Lewis expect big things from the young company, SCROOGE and SCROOGE JR are positioned to become major players in the cryptocurrency industry. Scrooge recently appointed former Salesforce leader Brady Lewis as company president and tasked him with leading the development of the SCROOGE Ecosystem. Brady served as a senior leader in the highly-technical Services Architecture group, where he managed a team of technical architects. Brady also earned the title of  Principal Technical Architect for his experience in developing and deploying massive data and marketing architecture for some of the world's largest retail companies.Scrooge CEO James Peters, on the other hand, has 17 years of financial expertise and extensive knowledge in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. He is the visionary leader behind Scrooge's gaming platform and cryptocurrency creation. Together, they are committed to bringing cryptocurrency to the masses. The Scrooge P2E Gaming Ecosystem will act as a bridge between gamers and crypto enthusiasts, allowing both groups to benefit from each other's success.About Scrooge LLCScrooge LLC is a blockchain technology firm that is creating a new cryptocurrency-funded online casino and P2E arcade where the house never wins. In Q4 of 2021, Scrooge LLC launched SCROOGE, the company's first cryptocurrency, on Binance's Smart Chain. SCROOGE JR LLC is launching SCROOGE JR on May 14th at 2 pm Eastern.Social mediaFacebook: Twitter: Telegram: Contact James Peters