SHAKKABLOOD and His Journey as the Successful Creator of HPPRS in the NFT World


SHAKKABLOOD made an effective entry across the world of NFTs with his NFT collection, HPPRs. He has worked hard to establish success for himself across the industry. Thanks to the successful launch of HPPRs, SHAKKABLOOD has found himself in the perfect spot within the community with his unique and extremely impressive digital art.SHAKKABLOOD started his journey as a digital 3D artist doing logo design and branding and creating artwork for musicians. Later on,  as he was able to develop and master his skills, he was able to make use of them in the NFT world. Shakka was introduced to the NFT scene in Jan. 2021. After a year of success and failures, Shakka found himself unable to gain traction in the fast moving space. Believing in this growing industry, Shakka was soon able to initiate his key project, the HPPRS (HOPPERS). This was a major breakthrough in his career.Talking about the project in detail, the characters representing HPPRs are unique and categorized into different generations throughout the collection. The HPPRs have been developed and designed under open editions, multiple editions, and 1/1 categorical editions.  This has effectively changed the complete dynamics of Shakka's career, making him a notable designer in the NFT community. It is worth noting that the collection is available at multiple NFT marketplaces (Rarible, Opensea, HicEtNunc, Makersplace, etc) There is much to know about this project and how it sets itself up in the existing environment. Categorized into two basic sections, the HOPPERS was the original NFT collection based on the inspiration for the next categories and ideas. A 1/1 handmade collection, HOPPERS, were available in three different generations and were auctioned across Rarible. Following the release of the HOPPERS, it inspired the creation of the second category of 8000 sold-out generative collections of HPPRS. It turned out to be the main traction for the NFT artist's career. This collection, however, has been taken differently by SHAKKABLOOD. With 8000 pieces and 250+  different traits, every HPPR was rendered under a 1 by 1 display with the traits and lighting reflecting off each other in textures. As the collection was introduced as a mint pass mechanic, the user had to buy an HPPR hall pass for minting one for themselves and redeem it using the pass. The collection has been a complete success for Shakka and the highlight of his successful career and hard work as a digital artist so far.About SHAKKABLOODArtin Ghokasiyan, a visual artist, known as SHAKKABLOOD, entered the NFT world in January 2021. Since then, he has made a great deal of traction for his work with his effective technique and skill in designing visual art. The project HPPRS has been a complete success for the digital artist in the 1/1 category. While getting it listed across every major marketplace, SHAKKABLOOD has made quite the hype for his gang of rabbits in such a short time.HOPPERS OpenSea | HPPRS OpenSea | Twitter | Instagram Media Contact:Proleo.ioEmail: