Shrimpy Redesigns its Interface to Improve User Experience for Crypto Traders


Shrimpy, a leading crypto trading platform that allows users to manage all their cryptocurrency portfolios in one place, recently redesigned its interface to give users a better trading experience. The developers have updated their dashboard, trading and asset tab details. 

Each panel now follows Shrimpy’s cleaner design, making it easier for traders to configure and automate their strategies effortlessly. The dashboard has been redesigned, allowing users to choose which portfolios to chart by interacting with the portfolio selector. 


The improved dashboard eliminates the need to scroll through assets to view the current balance. By leveraging the new interface, crypto investors can set a custom date range and track the performance of their portfolio over the past days, weeks, months, or even years. 


As seen above, Shrimpy users can now retrieve a snapshot of their portfolios from the past, enabling them track and grow their crypto holdings seamlessly. What’s more, the improved interface allows traders to trigger a stop loss on any portfolio without setting an automation. 

A Look at Shrimpy’s New Trading Tab

Shrimpy has introduced a redesigned trading tab that offers a familiar asset browsing experience that makes it easier to filter all assets by name. Crypto holders can use the tab to sort assets by several metrics, including price, market cap, and recent gains/losses. 


Shrimpy’s revamped trading tab allows users to explore each asset in detail. They simply have to click on a particular asset and reveal the redesigned asset experience that extracts the coin’s price history, trade history, and metadata in one convenient portal.


The updated trading tab also allows users to monitor their position over time, trade the asset, and add cold storage. The search bar at the top right-hand side allows a user to pick, monitor, and trade a different asset at any time.

A Leading Platform for Effortless Crypto Investment

Shrimpy was launched in 2017, offering novice and pro traders a straightforward means to configure and automate their crypto asset portfolios.

The crypto investment platform empowers users to navigate the highly vibrant complex market and build a winning portfolio strategy. It also enables traders to track the performance of DeFi and other asset types, monitor the market 24/7, and optimise their portfolios by automating their strategy.

One of the key tools in any Shrimpy user’s arsenal is social trading, which allows crypto investors traders to copy the time-tested strategies of accomplished traders automatically. 

Social leaders who share their winning strategies can build and manage a growing community of traders and get paid for every follower. Community members can interact with their peers and the world’s best traders to discuss trading tactics and discover gems in the crypto sphere.The crypto project recently launched the Shrimpy Academy, a free educational platform designed to empower the blockchain revolution. The academy fosters mainstream crypto adoption by facilitating investors to discover and keep up with the emerging DeFi sector.