Smart Places Protocol Announces SMARTEE ID


As the world is approaching a time where the metaverse is a genuine part of our lives, we are beginning to see not just the limitless potential of the concept but also its possible pitfalls. A lot of the pitfalls we have seen so far have had to do with human behavior such as people being scammed or harassed.As we continue to press on, a new challenge has emerged: the problem of identity. The metaverse, of course, will have virtual avatars that we will engage with, exchange information with, and maybe even do business with. For this to be efficient, there needs to be a system in place to confirm identity. We already see the effects of misrepresentation of identity in the current version of the internet in form of catfishing and identity scams and the metaverse will be no different if we do not act now. In this vein, the Smart Places Protocol has announced a new NFT-based identity label canned SMARTEE ID that works specifically for the metaverse. For a metaverse user to get the ID, they will have to confirm that they are humans. This is done through their interactions with other users in real-life. As such, they will have to ‘earn’ the identification badge over time. After this, anyone who interacts with them in the metaverse can rest assured that they are talking to a human as well. This has immense implications because it not only stops humans from interacting with bots but will also help companies that want to target ads to reach potential customers and not bots as well. Smart Places Protocol will be listing its IDO in partnership with Adax, an automated liquidity protocol, on ADAX.PRO from January 20, 2022 at 12am UTC. Based on the Cardano blockchain, Adax is also dedicated towards a decentralized and democratized future. The Smart Places protocol intends to release more information about this new Identification system and the listing via their official website. About Smart Places Protocol:Smart Places Protocol is a Connect2Earn that rewards users for interacting with each other in a virtual landscape while still offering privacy and control. For more information please visit the WebsiteFor updates, please follow Smart Places Protocol’s social platforms on: Medium | LinkedIn | Twitter | Telegram Media Contact: