Storm Yield Finance – Revolutionizing Defi with 669,212.62%APY and DAO Ecosystem


StormYield Finance (STY) offers a decentralized financial asset that rewards holders with sustainable fixed compound interest income through the use of its unique STY protocol. STY offers the Highest Fixed APY in Crypto at 669,212.62%, which means that you can earn up to $669,212,62 USD with only an investment of $1000 after one year. Many people arrived in crypto searching for quick gains, but most stayed for the long-term profit. As the crypto market is highly volatile, there is a strong demand for investing options that are long-term, profitable and secured. Understanding this demand, Storm Yield Finance introduces the most advanced high-yield protocol with the highest fixed APY in Crypto and an unique DAO ecosystem. Thanks to STY’s simple yet cutting-edge function called Buy-Hold-Earn, you don't have to stake your token on our website or a third-party app to receive interest. Instead, you can receive auto staking and rebase rewards worth 0.00838% every 5 minutes directly into your wallet just by holding the $STY token in your Wallet.  How STY sustains our high APY: STY Insurance Fund (SIF)5% of all trading fees are stored in the SIF, which operates as an Insurance Fund that consistently pays a 0.00838% rebase rate to all $STY holders every 5 minutes to ensure price sustainability.Burning Mechanism – The Lightning Rod2.5% of all $STY traded are burnt in the Lighting Rod. The more that is traded, the more gets liquidated by the Rod. Just like how real life lightning rods cancel out lightning threats, the STY Lighting Rod protects the STY Protocol by reducing the circulating supply, thus combating positive rebase interest and keeping the protocol sustainable.Periodic Liquidity Injection – STY Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE)A 4% tax fee from buy & sale transactions goes into an Auto-LP wallet. Every 48 hours, the Smart Contract automatically uses this fund to inject new liquidity into the existing LP, which helps combat market fluctuation, positive rebase rewards as well as allowing $STY token holders to trade with little market slippage.Safety measure – STY TreasuryThe Treasury channels support to the SIF in the event of an extreme price drop or market crash. It also funds marketing, community expansion, investments and future products/ projects of STY Finance.STY Unique DAO Ecosystem: While one of the most lucrative parts of crypto is private sale, it can be extremely difficult and even impossible to get into a high-potential private sale for the average investor. Lacking the large fund, reputation and other credentials, most private investors abandon the chance to join private sales or hold blue-chip NFTs even when they know these projects will succeed. Understanding this demand, the STY team developed the STY DAO ecosystem, which allows the STY community to collectively invest in private sales and costly assets. The STY DAO will focus on investing in Blue-chip and gem NFTs as well as Music and Earn trend projects. Investors can use $STY to vote for the purchase and selling of the projects of their choice, and contribute $STY to invest in these projects. Thanks to STY DAO, private investors can earn profit from x100 private sales and own a part of costly NFTs without any barriers. Additionally, a part of the profit from the STY DAO goes back to grow the STY system, which ensures STY Finance longevity and sustainability. STY merges the power of Defi and DAO, creating a one-stop platform that is set to change the lives of millions of people all over the world. Join our Bounty Campaign with BitcoinTalk to win juicy $STY: Join our media channels for the latest updates: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Reddit: Medium: Youtube: Media Contact:Company Name: StormYield Finance. JSCContact Person Name: Nick CarlsonCompany E-mail: admin at stormyield.financeWebsite: