The Apes Movement Community Token is going live this week.


The Apes Movement Community Token is an ERC-20 Social-MeMe Token that emerged from the Social-Cultural Movement of the Apes. With the ticker APEMC, the token seeks to unite millions of retail investors worldwide; so together they can perform the most extraordinary shift in the economic hierarchy.Along a strong motto, "United we stand, divided we fall." it aims to be an important player in the cryptocurrency space.   Bitcoin was the original Fair Launch. Since then, no coin has reached its ideal conception. Still, APEMC can replicate part of Bitcoin launch with a fair distribution to all interested investors in a self-governed community-based token, giving all equal chances to be in the APEMC structure.The Apes Movement Community Token unique fair launch aims to craft a wider distribution and an effective price discovery. The project will not set a dollar price for the tokens; supply and demand in the fair launch event will. No Pre-Sale, Initial Coin Offering, Seed Round, or Whitelist before fair launch is completed; everyone has the same opportunity to acquire The Apes Movement Community Token (APEMC) from day one.APEMC is writing a unique path. A fair launch enables a new kind of distribution of assets; by doing so, it dramatically improves the token's allocation in the community. If it's hopeless to achieve Bitcoin's Fair Launch, these are meaningful steps to achieve a neutral launch.The real holders of many coins in the industry are the team founders and institutional investors. In APEMC Token format, the actual holders will be the community, as the team has renounced 92.5% of the tokens and the fair launch creates an equitable distribution. This way, APEMC assures that nobody can be front run, no one can execute a rug pull or scam, and the audit of the Smart Contract confirms that no future tokens can be minted.The Special date is set for May 07, 2022, on the excellent Launchpad Pink Sale Finance. The platform with its strict protocol and verification, guarantees the safest and best experience for investors. Media:Telegram: Contacts:Name: Joseph P.Email: media@theapesmctoken.comWebsite: