The Bedrock Project is Facilitating Funding of Peer to Peer Projects


Bedrock has introduced a DeFi token that facilitates peer-to-peer funding via smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain. The platform offers an avenue for users to present their business projects (experiments) to like-minded folks who can invest their funds to help the ventures take flight.

The Bedrock team realizes that banks and credit cards cannot meet every startup’s needs. Therefore, they devised a different way for businesses to source funds while allowing people to inject their extra cash in profitable short-term or long-term endeavors.

The project backers seek to offer opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors alike to choose which experiments to invest their money into for a chance to earn lucrative returns. 

The experienced and passionate Bedrock team draws their inspiration from various projects at the forefront of development and growth for intuitive business ventures, including Shark Tank, Personal Friend and Family Loan Structures, and Hex staking.

How does the Bedrock DeFi Project Work?

Bedrock delivers functionality over hype by deploying smart contracts to facilitate users to perform coin/token swaps, create or join peer-to-peer experiments, and much more.

The functionalities will be released on The project’s DApp is designed to offer users an unprecedented way to invest in the most promising business projects and earn interest in BUSD.

Bedrock’s DApp empowers experiment owners, operators or representatives to raise the funds they need to bring their business ideas to life. The protocol allows these entrepreneurs to build successful projects while rewarding investors who put their money on the line to fund their experiments.

Upon completing the pre-agreed term, smart contracts release the users’ investments back to them in BUSD. Business owners can build their reputation and trust score within the ecosystem and subsequent communities by starting and completing multiple profitable Bedrock experiments.

Established and aspiring operators looking to debut a project, scale their business, or launch a new product on Bedrock are required to purchase $ROCK tokens. They must also deposit 50% of the experiment amount to serve as collateral and interest for investors.

Owners are then required to publish important info such as their business name, website name, certificates, target for success, and timeline to fill the experiment. 

The experienced Bedrock admins review each experiment and collateral to root out any illegal/immoral business plans and ensure only legit projects make it to the public. At this point, anyone can join approved ventures by depositing crypto toward the desired investment total and earn BUSD throughout the length of the project. The funds are converted to BUSD and released to the developers to finance their ambitions.

Earn $ROCK by Providing Liquidity to the Protocol

$ROCK is the Bedrock platform’s utility token that allows users to earn up to 50% APY for staking. Holders can lock their coins on Bedrockswap and earn $ROCK depending on the length of the stake.

Staked tokens are committed to the platform’s Dapp for a fixed period, creating less volatility and a more stable price floor that allows $ROCK to gain more value over time. 

Users who prove their confidence in the functionality and moonshot potential of the native token by providing liquidity to the Bedrock pool get to share 350,000,000 $ROCK in staking rewards. The liquidity is added to Pancakeswap to facilitate seamless trading, create a stable market, and provide liquidity for investors and crypto users. 

Buy and stake $ROCK, an amazing utility token that offers investors incredible yield and the highest return and be part of the project’s journey to rock the boat in the crypto world.

About Bedrock

Bedrock brings a revolutionary way for project operators in multiple sectors to access BUSD to fund their business experiments. The platform also gives users a way to invest extra money into upcoming projects and rewards for providing liquidity and staking.

Bedrock is a sleeping giant that offers investors daily passive income while empowering them to contribute to the most transformational business ideas in the world.

Users can get in early on the $ROCK ground floor and bag free tokens for each new wallet they bring to the community by joining the social pages below:

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