The Digible Presale Is Dropping Soon

The Digible Presale Is Dropping Soon

We are proud to announce that the Digible presale will be coming on Thursday 22nd April: 15:00 UTC. Our native DIGI token is not live yet, but further details about its launch and the imminent presale will be announced soon. Join the announcement channel to stay tuned for all new developments!

The DIGI token will have a total supply of 100M distributed as follows:

  • Marketing – 10M
  • Digible Team – 10M
  • Rewards to Liquidity providers -7,5M
  • Liquidity locked in Digible Pools- 15M

Introducing Rare Physical Collectibles to the DeFi Era!

Digible is the world’s first NFT marketplace that is backed by physical rare collectible cards. Our platform’s primary use case is to provide a marketplace for DeFi users looking to buy, sell or trade physical collectible cards that hold credible value. Each physical card will also have a non-fungible token (NFT) version backed by the physical asset.

At Digible, you’ll be able to buy, sell or auction your rare cards and have the option to receive them in an NFT format. Our digital marketplace will exclude any physical cards, and any user can utilize this venue to buy/sell, or auction their desired NFT. 

You will receive a digital version of their card which will be in the form of an NFT, which will enable you to track the details of your physical card at any given time.

Digible allows you to buy physical collectible cards without having to hold on to them physically. All cards will be stored safely at our DIGISAFE HQ, and you can also redeem your physical card whenever you’d like, using DIGITRACK.

DigiTrack is the tool that gives users control of their physical cards via our platform. Card owners can choose to hold on to their card that is securely stored on DIGISAFE or sell/auction it on Digible at a later date when it appreciates. 

To enhance trust on our platform, we will inspect all cards and also send them to PSA, which is located near DigiSafe for official grading. All cards are officially graded via the Public Securities Association (PSA) before going live at the Digible Marketplace.

To access your physical collection online, log into the wallet where the NFT is stored. Once you sell your collectible, the Digible protocol automatically burns the NFT to eliminate any duplicate issues. 

Stake DIGI Tokens and Earn Rewards 

We will soon offer the Digible community an opportunity to stake their $DIGI and receive a share of what the platform generates! A DIGI/USDT Pair will be available, which users can provide liquidity in Uniswap then receive the LP Token.

Users can also earn rewards by battling for any desired NFT they hold in their wallets. Any cardholders need to place their NFT & $DIGI tokens as a bet and select a color of their choosing to participate.

Once we reveal the winning color, the winner will receive the losers NFT, along with the amount of $DIGI tokens that was placed as a bet. A 1% fee from the total bets will be taken, of which 0.7% will go towards the staking pool, and 0.3% is burned.

The Digible Auction Feature

Our team will set up an auction featured at the marketplace that requires all users to hold a minimum of 3000 $DIGI to participate.

If a user wishes to sell their physical card via an auction, the card would have to be sent to Digible. If it is an NFT, the digital card will be locked on our platform for the auction duration, and smart contracts will handle the transactions. 

We have a 10% processing fee for any sale/ auction held in the marketplace. 5% of the total fee will automatically go into the staking pool. The remaining 5% will go to funding future operations and expenses of the platform to ensure sustainable growth of the entire project.

Meet the DIGITEAM!

Our Digible team comprises experienced individuals in the DEFI/NFT fields and legal experts to help our project with statutory matters. 

The leadership at Digible is made up of: 

Co-Founder: Serge Pustelnik

Co-Founder: Dan Pustelnik

Co-Founder: Alex Lubetsky

The rest of our team includes the CTO and members of the legal team:


Alex Rass


Tyler Harttraft, Esq.

Andrew Bull, Esq.

We are also working with Guaranteed Hobby to manage the physical card segment of the marketplace. The team at Guaranteed hobby comprises the following esteemed individuals:

Jeffrey D. Knight

Taylor Black

Danny Vampan

Adam Swan learn more about our project and upcoming features, please visit our Telegram channel and official Twitter Page.