The New Mobile DiveWallet Provides a Safe Solution for Your Crypto Assets


DiveWallet is pleased to announce that their all-in-one, cross-chain, and fully-functional mobile wallet will be available in Q3 2022. The project features an exceptional wallet designed to safeguard your digital assets against fraudulent activities and web3-based dApps.

Following a successful private token sale, DiveWallet will debut its next token sale phase soon. The initiative aims to debut the token in three stages, which are a private sale, an ignite presale, and a public launch. In fact, the funds raised during these stages of the token sale will be utilized to finance the wallet.

DiveWallet is working to solve security concerns.

In a world of fraudsters and harmful web3-based dApps, the new cross-chain wallet, DiveWallet, will offer a secure crypto environment for both expert and inexperienced users upon its release. The new DiveWallet, according to its whitepaper, will feature some exciting and innovative features that will make it one of the most secure platforms to trade a wide range of digital assets.

Everyone has seen how the cryptocurrency industry can be challenging for both new and seasoned investors, especially when it comes to its security aspect. DiveWallet intends to find a solution to these challenges by providing several innovative technologies that improve asset security and convenience of use.

Some of the distinct features of this wallet include:

  • Recording Dollar-Cost-Average (DCA) and initial investment amount
  • Sending automated and customized warnings once a user’s crypto wallet connects to a Web3-based address
  • Provides a detailed analysis of all digital assets held in the wallet
  • Offers users the choice to select price source, including Poocoin, DexSource, and CMC, among many others
  • Real-time alerts on dusting attacks

DiveWallet Token

The DiveWallet token is a standard token with a one-quadrillion-token supply for use to form a DiveWallet community. It will also generate funds for the wallet, which is the core role of any crypto token, to cater to various utility expenses.

As mentioned earlier, the token launch will take place in three phases, which are the private sale, the ignite sale, and the public launch. The private sale occurred on February 17 and has since then been closed and finalized. Its purpose was to gather capital to help fund the development of its groundbreaking cross-chain digital wallet. 

The team has promised to share additional details on the phases and the whitelisted presale as the project proceeds. In turn, it will communicate with potential investors that anyone who obtains a whitelisted presale will be able to purchase the maximum number of tokens available during the ignite presale event.


DiveWallet has a comprehensive tokenomics distribution scheme available on its official webpage. Basically, a 15% transaction tax receives the first allocation. The team contends that a marketing or team tax is unnecessary since the team’s wallet reflections will provide all of the revenue needed to fund the project. Any extra tax on top of the already-paid reflections would be superfluous.

The next allocation is for liquidity, which is worth 2%. The final one is a 13% allocation to BUSD reflections. The BUSD reflections are a “reward” for DiveWallet token holders, allowing the team wallet to accrue funds without having to impose a per-transaction cost.

The following are the statistics behind DiveWallet token distribution:

  • Presale events acquire 29%
  • Burn address gets 33%
  • Team wallet or development fund receives 6%
  • The liquidity pool gains 22%
  • The private presale event took 10%


The first part of DiveWallet’s 2022 vision has already been accomplished. It has already published a whitepaper, held a private sale event, and established its token contract and official webpage. 

It is currently focusing on developing a DiveWallet community, promoting the initiative, and doing an Interfi audit. It also aims to finalize its whitelist, hold its ignite presale, and debut its public token. The project will also submit a Coingecko and CMC application.

For the second quarter, there will be the recruitment of additional engineers, more marketing, a KYC audit, and hiring or onboarding the wallet. The third quarter includes the debut of DiveWallet, the distribution of reflections, purchase nack and burn using ad income, and the release of dApp items.

Continued buyback and burn, more ad revenue reflection, and enhanced wallet functionality will all be part of the achievements of the fourth quarter of 2022.


Even though this is a new initiative in the crypto space, it has a lot of potential. Many people are eager to invest in the DiveWallet token during the token ignite pre-sale event. The fact that holders receive a 13% BUSD incentive for storing any token in the DiveWallet makes the program much more appealing. DiveWallet is an excellent choice if you want a reliable, secure, and feature-rich wallet that can handle digital assets from any blockchain.

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