The Presale of BabyShibaCoin the son of Shiba inu starts on 15th January


BabyshibaCoin, a new meme coin, has unveiled its coin to the general public. The coin intends to leverage on the downsides of other coins. It is an ERC-20 based token on Ethereum with a total supply of 420,000,000 tokens.

Features of Baby Shiba Token

The Baby Shiba platform is revolutionary as it has unique features that distinguish it from other meme tokens. These features help make Baby Shiba a formidable token within the crypto industry. According to the Marketing Officer, "The Baby Shiba Coins will guarantee you the best features available in the crypto space today." The token has several features, including a low tax rate of 4%, audited, and KYC.

Furthermore, its liquidity is locked until 2021, with the first goal of the Baby Shiba token anticipated to hit 10% of the Shiba Inu market cap. The Baby Shiba token has an experienced team with a considerable marketing wallet. In addition, the platform is 100% community-owned, with the team holding only 3% of the entire supply.

According to the project manager, “We are proposing a new way to build wealth yet concerned about society and community engagement.”

Tokenomics of BabyShibaCoin

BabyShibaCoin uses the Ethereum platform and has a total supply of 420 million. According to its tokenomics, 40% of the total supply is already burnt, whereas 3% will be burned after the launch. Furthermore, 30% of the total supply will be set for its liquidity pool, 3% for its private sales, whereas 30% is reserved for its presale. The presale is scheduled to begin on January 15, 2022. Finally, 3% of the liquidity will be locked for the team members.

About BabyShibaCoin

BabyShibaCoin is an initiative that is designed to conquer and cement a place in the crypto market. It is an ERC20 token with a 420 million total supply available for investors. 40% of its total supply had been burnt before the official launch. 





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