Tiny Colony Review – Solana’s New Pixelated Metaverse Experience


Web3 technology enabled by blockchain technology (such as NFTs and Cryptos) begins to be incorporated into the metaverse idea. Consequently, the future metaverse will probably resemble our actual world in many areas and even replace some real-world activities.

The applications of this concept in the gaming world are also particularly interesting. Let us analyze the key features of Tiny Colony, a new project running on Solana that wishes to bring together the metaverse and gaming experiences.

What Is Tiny Colony?

Through skillful gameplay, players are rewarded with fungible tokens and rare non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Tiny Colony, a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game. 

Building and growing sophisticated ant colonies, defending their bases against evil creatures that wander the underground, and participating in large-scale community events are just some of the activities available in the Tiny Colony game.

Attending community-wide activities like Tiny Wars, Gladiator Arena, Tiny Slots, Community Quests, Battle Arena, and much more will be an option for all players.

Tiny Colony’s Gameplay

Players don’t need NFTs to begin developing a colony in Tiny Colony Base Game.

Building a basic set of cells and interacting with the foundation game characters in the “Training Grounds” allow Tiny Colony players to enjoy the Construction and Management Simulator components. 

Additional NFTs may be found in the Tiny Colony Metaverse for those who want to get the most out of the game. 

With many NFTs to be integrated into the game, users can purchase on Fractal Marketplace or the upcoming Tiny Bazaar. With the use of an in-game coin called TeenyBits ($TEENY), which can be gained by managing a thriving colony and taking part in events and fights, NFTs may be improved or enhanced as well.

The Ecosystem

In the Gladiator Arena, players can face off against each other using one of their high-level NFTs. Those who win the battles are awarded many TeenyBits and other valuable items. NFT’s Experience Points will be deducted from the losing player. 

Other participants can participate in the Gladiator Arenas by watching and betting on the match.

Alliances and clans may be formed by players along the way to facilitate commerce and unite their efforts. In this Community-Wide Event, Alliances can wage war against one another for the chance to acquire Tiny Colony Events’ greatest rewards. 

Slots users may earn points by playing mini-games, and the points they earn can be redeemed for real money. Besides TeenyBits and TinyBits, gamers have the opportunity to earn uncommon NFTs.

In Battle Arenas, users may form a team of five NFTs and take on waves of dark monsters in the arena while competing against each other’s teams.

TeenyBits or TinyBits may be earned upon completing each wave. If a player loses one of their characters in the arena, it won’t be possible to use it again until the cooldown period has expired.

Tiny Theatre, an in-game web player, allows players to watch animated short films inspired by the Tiny Colony’s rich past. Development of a Tiny Anime series is already underway.

Tiny Colony’s Strategic Partners

Earlier this year, Fractal, the first NFT Marketplace focused on Blockchain Gaming, announced a partnership with Tiny Colony.

NFTs were sold for $2 million in February on the first funding event born from this partnership. As of now, this sum is a new record for Fractal. There is a new NFT event coming soon from Tiny Colony’s team on Fractal. Following a whitelisting process, investors will have access to character NFTs on April 28th.

Q4 2021 saw the birth of Fractal, an open market for NFTs connected to gaming, on Solana. NFTs may be swiftly added to the platform thanks to agreements with gaming firms and initiatives.

Another vital collaboration that the team put in place is with Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, and the Solana NFT digital space. 

Last but not least, iLogos, a game business that has worked with Ubisoft and EA, as well as Dreamworks and Rovio, has partnered with Tiny Colony.

The $TINY Token

The $TINY token follows a pre-determined allocation distribution. Specifically, the team divided the coins among players (30%), ecosystem/rewards (29.9%), the team (15%), private operations (9.5%), advisory (5.5%), marketing/legal matters (5%), liquidity (5%), and public sales (1.1%).

Tiny Colony’s in-game money token, $TEENY (a.k.a. TeenyBits), may be acquired by playing the game. TeenyBits and TinyBits may be won through several activities, starting with the development and maintenance of your ant colony.

Tiny Colony’s Roadmap

As of the second half of the second quarter, the team plans to provide early access to its gaming world. The “Gladiator Arena” game, which uses a Player vs. Player (PvP) mode, will be released in Q3. In addition, the group anticipates several NFT drops.

With the introduction of “Battle Arena” and “Tiny Wars,” Tiny Colony will get additional PvP and PvE choices by the end of 2022.

“Tiny Slots” and “Tiny Theatre” will be released in the new year, along with further NFT drops.

Aside from the Tinyverse, Tiny Colony wants to create a pixelated 3D Isometric Open-World Survival MMO-RPG Blockchain Game that includes various activities, missions, game modes, and more.

Tinyverse elements will be showcased in an anime TV series that the company hopes to launch using its film expertise.

Bottom Line

Tiny Colony is ambitiously proposing a series of features to gain the market’s confidence in the future. The multiple game modes represent an attempt to engage the users in different ways over the long term.

The team will use its social media pages (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Medium) and official website to deliver more news about the project in the future.