TruTrade.IO Aims for Retail Traders to Trade on the Level of Experts


To the outsider, few things are as mysterious as the stock market. While it has the potential to diversify your income if you are a trader, it also has the potential to wipe out your earnings in seemingly the blink of an eye. That reality isn’t lost on adults in America, roughly 61% of whom say the stock market feels intimidating or scary. Most people, we can all agree, will resist investing in something they don’t feel comfortable with, yet despite its inherent risks, trading has the possibility of being beneficial in the long term. How, then, can we encourage more people to become retail traders and start their own investment journeys, wherever they may lead? TruTrade.IO, led by its co-founder, Danny Rebello, believes the answer lies in providing retail traders with automation software that incorporates the institutional strategies used by investment bankers and hedge funds.

Why Trading Feels Confusing to So Many People

The stock market fluctuates according to patterns or cycles that can be overturned by sudden events like the coronavirus: one day things seem fine, and the next, the world has dramatically changed, sending markets plunging. It takes a certain amount of knowledge or experience, then, to know how to potentially ride those inevitable developments and decide whether you should trade or sit tight.

Trading also involves concepts and terminology that the pros studied in college before earning additional certifications and entering the world of FOREX, equities, and futures. Yes, it is true that there are a lot of excellent books that explain trading to the outsider and that there is no shortage of seminars, but can they teach everything that a professional learned during their four years in college? Perhaps not. Additionally, it is likely that the information in books and seminars can become outdated as techniques and strategies evolve. 

In the end, we can probably assume that 47% of U.S. families are not investing in the stock market for one or more reasons: they do not feel they have enough knowledge to invest, they are apprehensive about its ups and downs, or they think that trading is only for those who have a specialized education.

How TruTrade.IO Is Working to Encourage More People to Invest

TruTrade.IO states that the world of trading should be open to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic or education status. “While trading will always involve an element of risk, we want people to feel confident that when they trade, they do so knowing they are using the strategies available to pro traders.”

To that end, the company created its automation software, which it says utilizes tips previously known only by industry professionals. “We believe that manual trading is no longer the best option for retail traders,” it states. “It involves a lot of time and energy that most people simply do not have. While the retail trader will, of course, invest some time in learning how to use TruTrade.IO, the software can help them to potentially begin their trading adventure on the same footing as a professional.”

One element faced by retail traders and the pros alike is risk. “Again, there is no way to take it completely out of trading,” TruTrade.IO believes. “However, as institutional traders know, there are ways to possibly lower it, which is the goal of DRAMM, our dynamic risk management module.” 

TruTrade.IO explains that with DRAMM, the software manages an array of complex money management strategies, allowing retail traders to potentially trade more realistically, which the company claims is an advantage over other retail trading systems.

Professionals also have strategies that can possibly minimize drawdowns, or declines in portfolios, and increase the accumulation of equity. “We think retail traders should have these as well, which could help them to feel more confident about trading,” TruTrade.IO says. “So, we have provided the ability for traders to hedge their positions against the same financial instruments or against other correlated financial instruments in different asset classes. The software is very systematic and incorporates multiple bar-types and timeframes.” 

Institutional traders also understand how to potentially minimize slippage and take advantage of any market condition. “We thought this was vital for retail traders to have, too, so we included bot-add-ons for our post-purchase clients,” TruTrade.IO explains. “With these features, we think that more people will feel comfortable with the idea of trading and will enter the market.”

Will TruTrade.IO’s Algorithmic Trading Technology Lead to More Retail Traders?

As political upheaval, natural disasters, and interest rates are just a few of the things that can affect trading, the market will remain complex and necessitate caution. However, the automated software created by TruTrade.IO could be a step in the right direction, as few can deny that the strategies used by professionals have the potential to benefit the retail trader as well.

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