VesTallyToken: The Latest Deflationary Token to Take the Crypto Space by Storm


Thanks to blockchain technology, many sectors, including finance, have been led into a digital era. In turn, more individuals are embracing digital currencies and looking for ways to invest. Although many people did not anticipate the level of progress cryptocurrencies have brought to the world, it continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. More so, the worldwide epidemic provided the perfect opportunity for crypto to flourish.

There are currently approximately 11,800 coins in circulation, with more on the way. VesTallyToken ($VTT) is among the most recent tokens to emerge in the crypto space. Since its launch in September 2021, the token has been capturing the attention of blockchain investors who are looking for high utility deflationary tokens.

The sustainability ratio of a blockchain project considers present features, future usage projections, and general market attitude. VesTallyToken’s enhanced utility draws in a high sustainability ratio for the initiative due to strong consumer sentiment for the coin’s foundational Binance smart chain network and coupled BNB (the token of the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume).

About VesTally Token ($VTT)

VesTallyToken ($VTT) is a self-reflective, deflationary token that will grow scarcer over time. VTT holders receive individual weighted voting rights to decide how proposal tactics and philanthropic efforts are implemented. Holders have a say in VTT development thanks to weighted blockchain voting. 

VTT is the best token to acquire, keep, trade, and use in 2022 and beyond due to its transparent smart contract functionality, fair liquidity pool distribution, token governance, and rewarding tokenomics. Holders have the power to decide on one-year and five-year proposals for digital asset outcomes. They vote on the suggested strategies through the blockchain at the end of the period to decide the strategy result.

The VTT dashboard on the token’s official site displays all VTT reflections as well as VTT application decisions. All project wallets are also available to see on BSCScan. The VTT tokenomics ensure that voting is fair. To provide equitable voting rights, smart contract logic is usually required. However, VTT also utilizes tokenomics itself to prohibit voters from moving holdings for extra vote staking. Holders are discouraged from trying to “rig the system” due to the tokenomic value of transfers for the express purpose of repetitive voting.

The following is a summary of the token’s main functionality.

  1. VTT is a self reflecting token
  2. VTT is a deflationary token 
  3. Utilizes tokenomics to contribute to proposal strategies and charitable initiatives
  4. Utilizes tokenomics to reward holders
  5. Token burning enhances liquidity pool valuation
  6. Enhances utility via the application dashboard by facilitating voting and providing account holding reports


Various mechanisms are in place to reduce the quantity of VesTallyToken over time. As such, this implies that personal holdings will become more valuable and have a stronger voting weight as time goes on. Below are the $VTT tokenomics. Take note that VesTallyToken has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 minted coins.

  • 5% distributed back to token holders
  • 4% for project proposal strategies
  • 2% to a true burn address
  • 1% for charity and social action
  • 1% for marketing and logistics to finance VTT development

Designed to withstand market fluctuations over time, VesTallyToken features meticulously built tokenomics and blockchain control. The contract locked the liquidity on PancakeSwap for a year, safeguarding project stakeholders. PinkSale additionally locks and releases tokens earmarked for the developing team overtime to minimize developer sell-off and restrict developer effect on token price. Take note that the pinksale event was finalized recently, and it was a huge success. It had a hard cap of 800BNB. 

To boost the token’s utility, VesTallyToken is creating an ecosystem around $VTT. This includes a proposal voting mechanism and a holding transparency dashboard that has already been launched. A specialized NFT marketplace, niche dapps, and token staking pools are all possible future dapp depoyments. The VesTallyToken contract is open to the public and was thoroughly audited by the day it was released. The contract application passed the audit, and it received a KYC verification certificate from


Like any other crypto project, VesTallyToken has released its roadmap to give potential investors an insight into their goals. The section below mentions a brief overview of each phase in the development of the project.

September 2021: Developing the VTT smart contract

October 2021: Developing smart contract for voting

November 2021: Develop DevTest Site for initial application establishment for planning and making templates

December 2021: Create a dApp for dashboard voting to promote transparency and allow authentication with Metamask

January 2022: Launch of the product site, start a marketing campaign on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook, Conclude contract audit, marketing and social media announcements, finalization of the token presale event

February 2022: deploy pinksale

Q2 2022: Start dApp development for direct buying of VTT on the dashboard, token burning, nonpartisan charity vote and payout, and community engagement/site improvements.

 Final Thoughts

According to the numbers seen during the pinksale, it is safe to say that the $VTT token has captured the attention of several investors in the crypto space. As a result, we are excited to see where this promising initiative will go. For more information and the latest updates on this project, you can follow its events here

As a final reminder, here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy VesTallyToken.

  • Move BNB to Trust Wallet and exchange it for Smart Chain BNB. You can also opt to purchase BNB directly to Trust Wallet and exchange it
  • Add the VTT token on Trust Wallet, paste the VTT contract on search, 
  • Hit the ‘Buy Token’ button to go to PancakeSwap, link your Trust Wallet, and look for the Smart Chain BNB to VTT pair. Press the settings icon and adjust the slippage tolerance to 15%, then swap
  • Ensure the swap was successful and is in your Trust Wallet, go back to PancakeSwap and disconnect your wallet