Viper Goods Company's Board of Directors Was Established in September 2021, the Proposal to Transform Into a New Retail Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform Was Unanimously Approved, the Cacashop Project Was Officially Launched


on September 19, 2021, Viper Goods Company, a US-based cross-border warehousing services company, established its board of directors according to the reports. On the same day, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the proposal by CEO Sebastian j. Gunningham to transform the company into a new retail cross-border e-commerce platform, thus officially launching the Cacashop project. 

The establishment of Cacashop business system will be under the full responsibility of Mr. Sebastian j. Gunningham. The establishment of the board of directors will better clarify the division of responsibilities of the management team and provide more favorable capital transition and expansion conditions for the establishment of system of a new retail cross-border e-commerce platform .

The Board of Directors highly recognized the company's business explorationresearch and development innovation, and affirmed the company's performance in the past year. The meeting passed more than ten proposals, Including "Division of responsibilities of the Board of Directors (tentative)", "Report on the work of the Supervisory Board", " Transform into a new retail cross-border e-commerce platform", "Financial budget for 2021-2022" and so on, to fully prepare for the layout of future e-commerce development direction.

In early April 2021, online shopping was once again booming as a result of COVID-19, and Sebastian j. Gunningham was keenly aware of the gaps in the cross-border e-commerce market and the huge benefits it could offer. Viper Goods Company conducted extensive market research and integrated the company's existing business systems to build a business viability test model.

Commodity storage: The company controls the channel of cross-border good products at a rock-bottom price, and signs storage agreements with overseas brands and manufacturers. The brands or manufacturers produce cheap and good quality goods, store them in the company's warehouse through cross-border logistics , and entrust Viper Goods with the sales channel.

Sales channel: Viper Goods establishes a new retail cross-border e-commerce online shopping platform, and gets the traffic of shoppers by customizing advertising and promotion to target people and cooperating with them. For sellers certified by the platform, commodity warehouse provides any one item can be shipped by the platform for the service, sellers do not need to pay the high cost of purchasing goods in advance, which eliminates the high bulk purchase and storage costs of traditional e-commerce platforms and reduces the threshold and risk for sellers. For buyers, they can buy good foreign products at a rock-bottom price online.

The results of the business feasibility test model showed that it would be a logical and highly feasible project to transform the business within Viper Goods Company's existing business system. As a result, the company began to propose a future direction for the business model and initiated a number of preparatory activities, with entering the preparatory phase. In the first fiscal year of Viper Goods Company's Board of Directors meeting, the company's future direction was established and the proposal to transform the business into a new retail cross-border e-commerce platform was unanimously approved.

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