VisionOfVIII is Setting Up New Precedents in the Fashion Sector of the NFT Industry


VisionOfVIII is making great progress as a digital artist in the NFT industry. The transitions of the fashion industry with the development across the digital ecosystem have been quite inclusive. Haris, the man behind VisionOfVIII, is one of the pioneers of this industry who has sought to combine NFTs and fashion together and developed himself as an icon in the digital community through the procurement of different use cases across the fashion industry.Setting his position across the industry as a custom shoe and clothing artist, Haris has directed the digital community to an interesting future in fashion. Talking about his skill in utilizing fashion across digital utilities, it is quite commendable and encouraging for digital artists to begin their journey in this industry. Haris believes in becoming an icon across the digital community, encouraging people with the skill to take the initiative in this sector.Talking about his achievements in the current digital industry, Haris designed the cover for Megan Thee Stallion, which turned out to be one of the best covers made for paper magazines. This shows how good digital art can be for the community and its potential to present quality and preservability within the digital sector.Haris has had his journey of struggles in becoming a renowned digital artist. But with perseverance and hard work, he managed to change his life around as he became a multi-millionaire from art and NFTs. He has set his image as a philanthropist who believes in helping people out and using money to bring about a positive change. He is someone who sees positivity in society, which has made him want to use his wealth to help make a difference in the world.NFTs and art have been the breakthrough for Haris’s career. He believes that artists who lack the platform and the means to make it out there, have a great future since they can present their art as NFTs, which may bring them the success they deserve. Haris is setting up new precedents in the fashion and digital art industry with his astounding ideas and he is dedicated to being a role model for new artists to bring more change to the current industry.About VisionOfViiiVisionOfVIII is a digital artist, philanthropist, and NFT enthusiast who has made a remarkable image in the digital industry with his skills. Combining the fashion industry with digital excellence, he has been able to sell out great content and showcase his skill as one of the best in the digital and NFT world. Working his way through the industry from custom designing to NFT art, Haris believes in the outstanding potential of the digital industry for artists.Website | Instagram | Twitter | SuperRareCONTACT: Media Contact: Email: info (at)