What Are The SafeMoon NFT Products? What Is The Upside of Their Product?


SafeMoon officially announced the launch of its NFT product "Naughty Naut" in early 2022, which became Series 1 and will be associated with the metaverse to add real-world use case benefits. The launch of the first NFT not only brought SafeMoon to the attention of investors once again, but also facilitated the development of the SafeMoon metaverse.However, on the day SafeMoon launched its NFT product "Naughty Naut" on January 13, the SafeMoon price did not change significantly and was at $0.000002. Not only that, but the price of SafeMoon also tended to decrease after that.SafeMoon NFT CardIn mid-January, the SafeMoon team officially announced that its SafeMoon 50 Limited Bronze NFT Card is for sale on OpenSea for 0.075 ETH. Since this NFT Card is issued and sold on a polygon network, there is no high gas fee, plus you will get a 10,000 SafeMoon V2 rebate after purchasing this NFT Card.The Silver NFT Card, which was released on February 12, is priced at 0.15 ETH and is also available for sale on OpenSea. You can get 20,000 units of SafeMoon V2 with this NFT Card, and a 1% transaction fee will be charged every month. This NFT Card is limited to 30 units.SafeMoon released a Gold NFT Card on February 15, priced at 0.25 ETH and limited to 20 units. Unlike the Gold NFT Card, you will receive 50,000 SafeMoon V2 rebates and a 1.5% fee every month.Does The Value of SafeMoon NFT Products Rise Significantly?From the OpenSea data, SafeMoon NFT Card sales are not much bought since its release and show 58 Owners, while the volume traded is 8.9 ETH. It can be seen that its promotion is not much, and only 3 were sold in April. This is not only the connection between the NFT product and its meta-universe, but it is also closely related to the price of SafeMoon tokens.At the time of writing, the international digital currency exchange Gate.io shows that SafeMoon's price of $0.0007008 was down 7.9% in the last 7 days, but up 0.4% in 24 hours with a volume of $2,315,541.About SafeMoonFrom the launch of SafeMoon in March 2021, its price peaked on May 9 at nearly $0.000009, and many early investors may have gotten rich by investing outside of it at once. After the price spike, the price began to fall, and some investors believe that SafeMoon may be a scam, a leek-cutting model for new cryptocurrency investors.The second high price of SafeMoon was on October 31, 2021, when its price approached $0.000005. The reason for this is that the SafeMoon team saw its token trend falling and then upgraded its token to V2, lowering its transaction fee from 10% to 2%. It also announced the upcoming release of SafeMoon V2 and its surrounding programs and games, etc.However, the SafeMoon token still hasn’t made a big difference until now. The news of SafeMoon's global product director leaving the company even broke out earlier. Whatever the reason is for his departure, it will have an impact on the development of the token in the future. Investing in cryptocurrencies comes with high risks, especially for small cottage tokens, so investors need to consider them carefully before they start investing.