Where Plan B becomes Plan A: Citizens of Bitcoin connects Bitcoin investors with global mobility assets


The Global Residency & Citizenship Group (Global RCG), a U.S.-based advisory firm building the world’s first global mobility asset platform, is pleased to announce the launch of Citizens of Bitcoin, an exclusive membership-based global investment platform that connects forward-thinking cryptocurrency investors to custom-built portfolios of highly vetted, professionally managed, international investment opportunities.

This first-of-its-kind platform enables its members to enjoy unfettered access and settlement rights in more than 30 vibrant, dynamic and liveable countries around the world. By eliminating the arbitrary travel and residency restrictions unilaterally set by bureaucratic governmental institutions, Citizens of Bitcoin can proactively hedge members’ exposure to both short-term risks (fiscal and regulatory) and long-term risks (health security and political upheaval) associated with solely depending on a single passport.

The target audience of Citizens of Bitcoin — a term coined by Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy and a major Bitcoin investor — are people who thrive in a remote work environment and are successful in their crypto endeavors. They seek less burdensome taxation, the ability to work from anywhere, the freedom to travel and the desire to be on the front lines of a Bitcoin world.

For bitcoiners looking to move abroad, either temporarily or permanently, but are not sure on how and where, Citizens of Bitcoin custom-builds individual portfolios of global mobility assets that leverage their invaluable BTC into valuable residency permits, golden visas and second passports through attractive foreign real estate and other investments. 

“Digital assets such as bitcoin and global mobility assets go hand in hand,” said Rogelio Caceres, founder and CEO of Global RCG. “Crypto investors, in particular, are interested in freedom of settlement. In the post-pandemic era,  the ability to decide  where to live, for business or pleasure, is of the utmost importance.  We  cannot afford to remain solely confined to the country of our birth.”

Citizens of Bitcoin is powered by real-time, on-the-ground insights capable of generating highly individualized residency solutions that range from ancestry-based and skills-based options to investment-based programs, which are then customized to help our members achieve their professional and lifestyle goals.

Selected from more than 150 start-up applicants, Citizens of Bitcoin was recently chosen as a finalist and will participate in Pitch Day during the Bitcoin 2021 conference on June 4 and 5 in Miami, Fla. 

The company launches within one of the most historically significant cycles since the inception of Bitcoin, as it evolves into  a mainstream investment asset class. Many Americans have invested in crypto and its emerging blockchain technology but are finding life in the United States less suitable for their more globalized, decentralized interests. For them, there is Citizens of Bitcoin: Where Plan B becomes Plan A.

Notable for this platform’s 2021 launch is the reality of Americans’ unprecedented pent-up demand to be abroad, whether working, traveling or relocating. After many months of government travel restrictions that arose in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are interested in a new frontier. 

“The pandemic showed us the risks associated with depending on a single passport,” Caceres said. “Fortunately, we can mitigate those risks and enable our members to achieve their professional, lifestyle and wealth preservation objectives that have become maddeningly elusive in the post-pandemic era. Citizens of Bitcoin enables our members to enhance their access globally and enjoy much-needed freedoms as individuals in order to pursue their aspirations.”

About Citizens of Bitcoin:

We believe that people who adopt Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset are Citizens of Bitcoin. As sovereign individuals, Citizens of Bitcoin earn the power to legally work, travel, live and retire anywhere in the world by investing in structured real estate, venture capital or private equity opportunities, or by qualifying due to unique professional skill sets and academic  backgrounds. Our mission is to eliminate arbitrary restrictions set by centralized institutions and foreign governments to solely determine our rights to live, travel, work or retire outside our country of birth. Why let a single nation dictate what you are allowed to do? In the words of Robert Breedlove, Bitcoin is tokenized time. Citizens of Bitcoin intend to use this time wisely and will invest toward increasing their freedom and mobility. For them,  the combination of digital assets and global mobility assets is a powerful combination,  and enables the access and flexibility they deserve.

About Global RCG:

Headquartered in Miami, Fla., the Global Residency & Citizenship Group (Global RCG) is the first advisory firm solely dedicated to unlocking the power of global mobility assets — alternate passports, digital nomad and talent-based visas,  “golden” visas, and ancestry-based European citizenships— for forward-thinking American investors and their families. By permanently removing the restrictions placed on our lives solely by virtue of holding a single residency and citizenship, Global RCG is on a mission to democratize access to freedom, opportunity and a higher quality of life.  The firm is building a diversified platform of 30 global mobility assets based in highly attractive destinations in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean that provide non-traditional “insurance policies” designed to hedge the risk of solely holding a U.S. passport.


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