White Tigger Finance announces an Auto Staking and Auto Compounding Cryptocurrency token model with Fixed APY.


The main purpose of White Tigger Finance is financial freedom for the people. This project is a simple investment vehicle which seeks to help participants to achieve long-term sustainable income.Introduction: White Tigger Finance provides automatic rewards to the $WTF Token holders with a 388,888.88% APY. This protocol takes a portion of the trading fees and utilizes these to further sustain and back the protocol and its liquidity. $WTF token will be providing the liquidity for Pancakeswap and will receive 0.25% return on transactions for the Liquidity Provider. Then, $WTF will create a Treasury Fund. Income from the various revenue streams and the Treasury Fund will be deployed to Multiple Chain Farming Investments. The White Tigger protocol will have several revenue generating sources, each of which supports the APY model and increases the value of Tigger tokens.$WTF Token:It is a BEP-20 token with auto staking and auto compounding features backed by the innovative revenue model with farming, lottery, buy back and burning features. Investing in $WTF is investing in the conduit to multiple streams of income. Rewards from staking are distributed every 30 minutes / 48 times daily. WTF Dapp allows users to manage a portfolio and see how much interest earned. Also, $WTF token contract will be audited by three separate audit agencies: MythX is already done, the two others will be announced soon.Trading fees:• 13% for buying:  5% – Treasury / Buyback / Burn wallet, 5% – Liquidity Pool, 3% – Marketing and Admin • 18-20% for selling: 10% – Treasury / Buyback / Burn wallet, 5% – Liquidity Pool, 3% – Marketing and AdminPlayroom: It is a playroom which will have multiple “rooms”. There will be various games to participate in. Tigger will be releasing two games initially – a lottery game and a guess at the price of a BNB game.VIP NFT Lounge: It is a complete membership program to support our valued investors in the long term. It allows investors to collect benefits (aka rewards, tokens, drops) from the various rollouts.Pinftagram: This is a plug and play decentralized application marketplace for artists and creators to mint their creations, set up a gallery and sell their creations. Tigger VIP token holders will have first access to $PINFTAGRAM private sale using Tigger tokens ($WTF).WT Metaverse: It is a virtual monopoly board game where there are streets with many different shops and businesses coming together as a community. This project helps Tigger Finance to move away from being dependent on speculative investors who are interested in short term gains.Tiggy.Bank: It is a platform that offers Tigger investors a path to place their $WTF tokens in a long term investment portfolio and earn BUSD reward from trading volume and attractive auto-compounding interest paid in $WTF tokens.Find more details from White Tigger Finance on the following links:   Website:     https://tigger.finance/       Twitter:     https://twitter.com/TiggerFinance       Instagram:     https://www.instagram.com/whitetiggerfinance/       Reddit:     https://www.reddit.com/r/tiggerfinance/       Discord:     https://discord.gg/u2rzfGUumP               Telegram:     https://t.me/whitetiggerfinance               Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/WhiteTiggerFinance       Linktr:     https://linktr.ee/tiggerfinance       Youtube:     https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteTiggerFinance         Media Contact White Tigger FinanceEmail : tigger.finance@gmail.com