xSPECTAR: A Big Step Towards Virtual Economy & Exclusive Ecosystems


With the vision of creating a private ecosystem, serial entrepreneur Dirk Schepens along with other experts joined forces to establish an exclusive metaverse on XRPL. xSPECTAR is an elite society developed by the top professionals in Law, Real Estate, IT, Art, Finance, and Gaming. The product developed by the group of innovative experts who share their passion for blockchain technology will provide a complete ecosystem with a virtual economy on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).The XRP ledger has proven time and time again to be one of the fastest, most scalable, high performing, low energy consuming, and reliable platforms for the development of any type of project. Encouraged by these features, Schepens started by investing in xPUNKS along with other projects on the ledger. Inspired by the vision of these projects and the results generated by innovation, Dirk started the xSPECTAR project, pre-funding the vision.With the core values of Transformation, Compliance, Community, Transparency, and Networking, xSPECTAR started out as a project between two friends. Gradually, the scope and impact of this Web 3.0 project drew many professionals from the Gaming and Metaverse world. Despite being the brainchild of two friends, this project is the collective genius of experts from various domains. With his years of experience as an entrepreneur, Schepens has taken up the responsibility of turning this project into a global success. On the other hand, Lead Artist and close friend, Mao Lin Lao, contributed his expertise in hyper-realistic 3D artwork designs for xSPECTAR NFTs. Together with their knowledge, these friends channelled their expertise into this project to make it the most innovative one on XRPL.Users, also known as agents will receive exclusive access as members of the xSPECTAR society enabling the opportunity to meet and access business ventures in the metaverse. Furthermore, by collaborating with other members of the community, agents have the potential to obtain many opportunities within the virtual ecosystem via a multi-access membership pass. The foundational items of the xSPECTAR society are the native tokens and NFTs which will grant members access to the exclusive society and unlock the privileges in all lines of utility.Through the native NFT of xSPECTAR, users will gain private access to the xSPECTAR society and the benefits offered within it. The native token ($XSPECTAR) is the key to entering, collaborating and engaging within the ecosystem. The price of the 5th round of token sales is set at 0.15 XRP, grab this last chance to get them from the IDO pool.Media Contact:name: xSPECTARwebsite : xspectar.comEmail: hello@xspectar.comAddress: Grand Rue 70 9905